Monday, July 14, 2008

He's Home!

I am such a wimp when my kids are away. Devon has been having the time of his life with his Uncle Will and Aunt Michelle but I am really glad he is home. After a week of riding his new dirt bike every day on our family vacation, he got to spend a little over a week in Santa Barbara golfing and surfing every day. They wrote a really nice post on their blog about him here. All of those things are true about our eldest - but I will say that they are true BECAUSE he didn't have any of his sisters there to fight with. He is a wonderful boy and a great brother, but he knows how to push those girl's buttons.

Devon is a pretty natural athlete. He does well in every sport he tries - but golf really is his love. He wants to play when ever he can. He especially loves his week in Santa Barbara receiving golf tips from his PGA Professional of an uncle. He also loves all of the swag he gets from Will. This year he got a new Taylormade Burner Driver, Taylormade rescue club, 52 degree wedge, and a putter. (He made me include the brand names - none of those things mean a thing to me.) He got two golf shirts, a windbreaker, new golf shoes, and a hat. All hand me downs from his uncle. He also got to work at the pro shop of the fancy schmancy country club where Will is the pro.

As his Mom, what I think Devon got out of his trip was an amazing bonding time with family, a sense of confidence in his abilities and an all around build up in self esteem. Michelle sent me a cd of pictures and videos that she took during the week and after every golf hit, you can hear Will or Michelle in the back ground saying, "good hit", "that was a nice one" or some other little piece of encouragement. Those kind of things go a long way and I can never thank Will or Michelle enough for that.

Here are some pictures and videos of our boy doing what he loves.

Devon told us the most hilarious story about a surfing adventure. Uncle Mike in Utah will be able to commiserate with Devon on this one. The art of changing into a wet suit on the side of the highway is learned by experience. It involves tying a towel around your waist and then stripping underneath the towel and putting the wet suit on. Devon was having a hard time keeping the towel up so his Uncle Will offered to hold the towel up to block the drivers from seeing anything while Devon got nekkid behind it. As soon as Devon was undressed, Will walked away.

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Pam said...

Wow fancy new blog! I likie! So glad Devon made it home and had such a good time. That is funny about the naked by the side of the road. Did he scream like a girl? Or get whistled at! ")hehe

Now you can sleep the kids are all home.