Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Sampler

Here are 20 random photos from our glorious vacation over Spring Break. The weather was beautiful while we were there and then we heard it started to snow right after we left. We are glad we could bring the Salt Lake Valley a week of sunshine! (Utah family - I promise I will send all of the pictures today!) Uncle Mike giving Courtney a tow back to the lift after her first (ever) run down the mountain!
All of the skiers on the first day of skiing: L to R Courtney, Alan, Luc (in front), Mike, Morgan, Devon and Haylee

I am constantly trying to get a cool picture of the cousins.

Courtney, Sydnee and Haylee making pouty faces.

The cat (Alan's new best friend) came along skiing. It really is a funny story of the cat jumping in the car during loading and everyone thinking she had jumped out.

Another attempt at cute cousin picture - lighting all wrong.

Right before we got to SLC, Alan's grandpa had another stroke. We were so glad to be able to spend some time with him and hope it is not the last time we get to do it. He is very incapacitated after this last stroke but still himself in many ways. Grandma was pointing out to him how much our kids had grown up and he said "Did you expect them to grow down?"

I was a tad obsessed with the cousins picture.
I thought this was so cute - they were doing that without being prompted - but as soon as I tried to get a better angle - right behind.....
Nicole turned around to look at us.

Morgan and Whitnee

Finally, a cute cousins picture with everyone: L to R - Front Row - Whitnee, Nash and Sydnee
Back Row - Tanner (in Devon's lap), Devon, Haylee, Morgan, Courtney, Nicole and Luc

We made really good time on the way there - partly due to several test sections with a new speed limit.

Courtney, Morgan and Nicole with Aunt Suzanne. They had so much fun with her the first day we went up to Grandma and Grandpas.

Alan's family with his mom: All of the grandkids in front - and Michelle sitting next to Syd and Nicole (she is so little she fits right in) - standing next to her is Will, Alan's brother and Michelle's husband. They just moved back to UT after living in Santa Barbara for the last few years - they have two dogs, Molly and Dexter - Michelle blogs here. On the left in front is Matt, Alan's youngest brother - he is preparing to go on a mission. Bart (Alan's brother) and Bryn (wearing yellow) are Nash and Tanner's parents. On the way home from this trip Nicole told us that Uncle Bart is her best friend. Next to them is Mike and Jen (Alan's only sister) - this is their house, whenever we go to UT we stay there. Their home is haven for all who step across the threshold - they make everyone feel welcome and loved. Mike and Jen are two of my most favorite people in the world - I wish we lived closer (by that I mean, I wish they lived in Arizona). Next to us is Alan's mom, Nancy. She is looking for a rich, single, nice Mormon man. Know any?


Varney Family said...

We were in Utah the same time is you but had a vastly different experence with everyone getting very sick! I'm so glad you had such a great time. we took ours to Temple square too and loved taking pictures of the kids!

Joy said...

Those are some great pictures. The Ridd family picture is killing me though. I still picture Bart from your wedding and he is all grown up and married with kids now. What happened?!? I guess that just proves that I am getting old.

Lisa said...

Vacations visiting family is the best. So cute about your daughter saying her best friend is her uncle.

Jadyn said...

How fun! A break from all of the sun! Was the cat your cat, or was it some random stray who jumped into your car??

anniegrams said...

It's so good that you were able to get to see Alan's grandpa M before he passed away and get a good photo. Take care. xoxo DeAnn

Suzerino said...

Wow, I am so jealous you have so much fun with the Ridd side of the family...I miss my family....we just don't do anything anymore and it breaks my heart.....I am putting envy away now...It looks like you and the whole family were so happy up there. I am glad you were able to spend some time with Grandpa M before he left this world. You got some great pictures. Thanks for sharing so much with all of us on the outside looking in...sure do love ya...Suz