Thursday, August 13, 2009

Women's Conference

BYU Women's Conference is pretty much my favorite time of the year. This time it was awesome. Pam and I flew up together to Hotel H to be with our BFF Nicole. We have so much fun, staying up all night - relaxing on Black Beauty (her basement couch), giggling, crafting, watching movies, shopping, eating out and being silly that it almost eclipses the actual conference. But not really, the conference is always awesome. If I had blogged about it four months ago, I would have had much more to say I'm sure. But I will say that poor Nicole ended up getting really sick and having her gall bladder out right after we left. Every year - we must match. It is required. This year we got some hoodies at Old Navy. Every year we have a hard time leaving the Marriot Center after the last session. We never want it to end. This year Elder L. Tom Perry was the closing session speaker. Elder Nelson came along for moral support. We were so close to the stage - it was great being so close to two apostles like that.
The most amazing thing to me every year is just being in the general sessions and looking around at 20,000 other Mormon women who are all there for the same reason. We go because we want to be better people, better wives, better mothers, better leaders and better Followers of Christ.
Every year we end up running into someone we know. This year we saw Kelly B. from our ward there with her mom and sister. We also found my BFF from way back - Susie.

She and I have been friends for 25 years! We live in different states, we haven't lived near each other for many years but whenever we get a chance to be together it is like old times. We are not cruising Mill Avenue anymore but we are living the life!
Looking at these pictures is making me weep all over again that I didn't get a BYU brownie the whole time we were there. But, speaking of good food, in honor of my good friend Heather who recently took a job as a lunch lady - I will post a video for all to enjoy.


Heather said...

Let's just hope I don't gain 100lb being the lunch lady!!!!

Julie said...

Jolene, that looks like so much fun!! And Heather, Jared tells me you're a great Lunch lady!!

anniegrams said...

I'm excited to be able to go to Time Out for Women in October! Our ward is going together since it's in Riverside! Not too far away! I'm glad you get to go to Women's Conference each year! xoxo

Mach Momma said...

Although I live right here in Utah County I have never been to Women's Conference, but I always wanted to. It looks like you have a fun tradition

Julie said...

Have you ever heard of updating your blog?!