Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Winner! and Conference...

Last night for our Family Home Evening Activity - after Root Beer Floats - I put the names of the commenters from the last post in to a Tupperware bowl and Nicole picked out:

Jane, I'm pretty sure you already get Family Fun Magazine, since I WON MY SUBSCRIPTION FROM YOU! So, if you want to get Paper Crafts Magazine or maybe a Sonic gift card - just let me know.

Thanks to everyone for your money saving advice. I especially loved Nicole's advice to only shop at Wal-Mart where you can buy lots of fun things like craft supplies, underwear etc... and it will all look like groceries in the check register. We are in a major financial crack down over here and I was going to post about how I am trying to support my husband and be frugal and all that but it is too depressing to think about/write about so I changed my mind. I'm not going to do it. I mean I'm not going to write about it - I still have to do it. Budgeting sucks.

So, lets talk about conference instead. I loved it. I needed it. I'm so glad I watched all of it. It was much better than Cats, I'm going to see it again and again. [painfully old SNL sketch] Saturday morning, my Mission President, Neil L. Anderson, spoke. His address really spoke to me and lifted me up. His voice is so familiar to me [and I have been home for a really long time] that as soon as he started talking - I felt the spirit.

He said that we don't need to know everything - we know enough. I really do feel like I know enough. I know that God lives and I know that he loves me. That is enough. I know that God wants me to succeed. That is enough. I know that when I do all that I can do, our Heavenly Father will take over. That is enough.

President Anderson also told us that faith is not just a feeling, it is a choice. I tell my kids all of the time that happiness is a choice - but I really needed to be reminded that faith is a choice as well. I can choose to have faith or I can do it on my own. President Hinckley described it like an airplane - it can run on one engine but it is much more efficient with two. We can do things by ourselves, but we can be more effective if we let the Lord help us.

I also loved when Pres. Anderson told us that as we have moments of "spiritual power", moments of revelation that we should store them up like food storage to be used when we need them. I am storing up all of the feelings I had during conference while listening to the prophet of God speak, while being moved by the beautiful music and by the inspiring words of all of the General Authorities so that I can draw on them when I need to.

Which talks are you storing up? What was your favorite?


jt said...

That is too funny! Especially with you winning the shirt from my Sis in law!! I'll email you...

I loved Elder Worthlin and Elder Bednar's talks among the others.

Pam said...

Congrats jt! You all are funny passing prizes back and forth. Enjoy!
I LOVED conference too. I thought every talk had something that I needed to hear. So inspiring I hated for it to end. I guess if I ever need a reminder about its greatness I can come back and read your fantastic post.

Renae said...

Unfortunately, having little kids makes it interesting when trying to watch 8 hours of conference in two days. I did enjoy President Monson's talk about enjoying what we have. I needed that. I know I heard more than that, but honestly, until I read the Ensign next month, I won't remember any of it. Pretty pitiful. But I loved Women's conference! Does that count? ;)

DeAnn said...

Hi there! I didn't know Neil L. Anderson was your mission president! His talk was one of my favorites! I wrote all kinds of notes to send to Matt in Boot Camp. He has been doing some missionary work there and Blaine & I both kept saying that Matt really needs to hear this talk. After the story of the little girl who was hearing-impaired, Blaine said, "Matthew doesn't know it all but he knows enough". His desire to share the gospel is enough and more light will come as he receives it! I also loved Jeffrey R. Holland's talk about ministering angels. I have a VERY strong testimony about them- ones that walk with me hear on earth and those who reach from beyond. This is too long, isn't it?

mary said...

Loved conference too! That's so fun that you got to listen to your mission president!!

Oh, and I checked my "Ridd reunion" post after I got your comment to make sure I didn't really write "everyone that mattered." I was glad to see that's not what I wrote! I was worried for a minute! We love you guys! Too bad we didn't get to see you when you were in town, but I'm glad you got to see Grandpa and Bev!!

Julie said...

Hi Jolene, this is your new neighbor...I stumbled upon your blog and was so excited to see you're a blogger. Love it! See ya soon.