Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Give Oh Giveaway... Sans Exclamation Points

The top row of my keyboard is on the Fritz... Only 5,6,- and = work. I can't type out my e-mail address or use exclamation points. I didn't realize how much I use that little key. I think I use exclamation points more than I use periods. So this post might be a little bit of a downer. Just plain old periods at the end of each sentence. Maybe I will throw in a question mark now and then to spice things up.

About a year ago, I was checking out all of the blogs on Kelly B's sidebar. Kelly B is an uber cool blogger in my ward. One of the blogs I started stalking was her sister-in-law Jane. Jane is fantastic as well - and last year she had a little give away. She gave away a subscription to Family Fun magazine and I won. I used to subscribe to Family Fun back when my kids were younger - we have loved having it again so much this year. My teenagers have been all over the experiments and fun things in the magazine. Here are some pictures that they took using a tip they found in the magazine. You just put a colored post-it note over the flash. It is awesome. Devon in Green [the instructions said a dark room works best - so that is why all of these are in the downstairs bathroom]Scary Nicole in Hot Pink.Morgan in Orange.Courtney during her Blue Period.

Devon and Courtney thought they were going to be tricky and put a pink post-it on half of the flash and a blue one on the other half - thinking that it would turn out half pink and half blue. Instead it is a little bit purple.

Anyway, my subscription is running out and I am going to renew it as well as gift one to one of you. That is right - I am giving you the opportunity to have these same good times. Just leave me a comment before Monday morning [10/5] with some money-saving advice for my next post and I will have a drawing for the winner sometime on Monday. Do it. [Please, don't put "stop giving away magazine subscriptions" as your money-saving advice]

News Flash: I got another great offer in the mail today - if you don't want Family Fun magazine I will send you my other favorite magazine {after the Ensign of course} Paper Crafts. When I draw a winner, you can let me know which one you prefer.

The afore-mentioned Kelly B is also having a give away on her blog for this fabulous t-shirt. Go leave her a comment for your chance to win. Do it.

I love the green jello mold detail.

There is one more give away I want to tell you about. A new website is giving away 24 great handbags in a couple of weeks. One bag every hour to celebrate the opening of their on-line store. You can choose the bag that you want to be drawn for. I chose this one:

Go sign up but pick a different bag so that my chances to win this one will be better. Do it.


Jan said...

I'm sorry to hear about your key board, what a pain, does that explain why Kelly is a "uber" cool blogger? Or do I not have "uber" in my vocabulary list???? Just teasin'
I get FF magazine and saw that article, I wanted to do it and forgot about it. Those pictures turned out pretty cool. I'm going to have to try it now.
I lauged at the green jello, very funny :)
I don't carry purses or handbags. I'm still in diaper bag mode-not for long though. I should go on and try to win a bag, thanks for the info!!

One Sassy Mama said...

Jo--you are famous to me with your giveaway love. Those pics are way cool--I will have to try it with my kids.

Okay - Enter me in your contest please--here is my tip on saving money: buy your CD's, gift cards, fabric, DVD's, birthday presents, crafting supplies at Walmart and call it milk. It's untraceable funds, you see. And it is next to impossible for your husband to get you in trouble for untraceable funds. I should know--just last month Jeff asked me why I bought so much milk in August. hehe

Jolene said...

This is Jolene - I just got my other favorite magazine [Paper Crafts} in the mail today with a special offer - so if you win the drawing you can chose Family Fun or Paper Crafts Magazine.

Heather said...

My sisnlaw gets us ff magazine for Christmas and renews it each year. It is a great magazine. You've had such fun goodies on your blog lately. I entered to win a purse!! :) Thanks for all the info.

Christine and kids said...

I entered to win the shinny brown one, that has a buckle around the top. It's towards the end of the group of them.
Thands for that great link!!

sarinahbrooks said...

Great freebie idea!
I love that Albertson's takes the $5 off Fresk & Easy coupon. KB sneaks them in at WalMart with her other coupons too and uses them there. I always get coupon freako that won't take the Fresh & Easy at WalMart, so be sneaky as it works for KB.
I love your B&W background!

jt said...

I like the keyboard intro, the photo tricks (going to have to get my magazine out and look it up!) and giveaway links.

my money saving tip: before buying anything online, do a search for a coupon code for that store. I often find one for free shipping or one that knocks down the price enough to lower the shipping bracket. I also use ebates, especially around the holidays when doing lots of online shopping, they give you percentages back on your purchases-it's free.

blueviolet said...

There are oodles of money saving sites on the internet that can help you learn how to combine store sales, store rebates and manufacturer coupons all at the same time. I recently discovered this and it helps so much!

Thanks for the super giveaway!

Beeswax said...

Jolene! You won! And I didn't even know you were talkin me up over here! Promise! So let me know what shirt you want and what size. I'll order it up!

Since I know where you live, you can have actual green jello instead of the shirt, si quieres. But honestly, this shirt is gonna make a great white elephant gift come holiday party season.

P.S. Sarinah, I use the F&E at Fry's and Albertson's, I haven't tried Wal-mart. But maybe I should. I could save some dough on diapers!

P.S. again. I would like to enter the magazine giveaway, please.

Heather said...

Nice to have lunch with you all today and congrats on the t-shirt. Fun day!!