Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

I'm hoping - because this post is kind of word light and picture heavy. But some fun things happened in the last few days and I actually remembered to take pictures! This is Devon sitting on Spencer W. Kimball's lap. There is a statue in a local park that commemorates President Kimball's growing up in Arizona and his love of the desert. I love that it looks like President Kimball has is hand on Devon's shoulder.

While we were at the same park - Alan gave Courtney a piggy back ride. It cracked me up because her feet were almost dragging the ground.

We had our ward Christmas party and a special guest came. It was obvious to Nicole that he was one of Santa's helpers because his eyebrows were brown. But she saw that I have Santa on my cell phone and she is hooked in for at least another year.

My girls are so lucky to have great friends in our ward - Devon has good friends here too - he just wont pose for pictures with them. This is Morgan and her adorable friend Saedra.

Courtney and Sarah.

Nicole and Kristen.

Alan and baby Kate. Kate is the most adorable baby! Every time we see her at church or some ward function - we crawl over each other to get to hold her! She reminds us so much of Morgan when she was a baby. Those of you who didn't know us back then - it is true - little tiny Morgan was the fattest baby!

I wonder who lines their m&m's up by color before she eats them?

Devon - wishing it was his picture on the cover of Golf Digest. Or Devon wishing Tiger Woods was in our living room.

Nicole saw a play called the Snow Queen a couple of weeks ago. The Snow Queen wore a white dress and she had white hair - so Nicole decided to dress up like her. It cracked me up how creative she was with her hair - that is a tank top of Morgans bobby pinned to her hair.

Nicole gave an oral report on France in her class last week. We also served a Buche de Noel. She was adorable in her beret and she did a great job talking about France. She was only a little embarrassed when she was talking about French Artists and held up a book of Renoir paintings and it opened a little to reveal a painting of a nekkid lady. Then she sang all afternoon "There is a place in France where the naked ladies dance but the men don't care because they wear no underwear." She is the youngest - I don't know where she learns these things.


Julie said...

too cute...I ran around singing that song for a while at her age too. All of your kids are so cute!! So who lines their M&M's up?

Lisa said...

Your kids are so cute. Happy kids having fun being silly, nothing better!

One Sassy Mama said...

Love the pictures...looks like a fun couple of weeks. Love the nekkid lady song...hehe.

sarinahbrooks said...

So fun! The pictures are great ! Where was the park you went to?

Salena said...

Jolene, Ok I think I say this everytime I comment, but I cant get over how cute your kids are!

Well now since they are older I should say-good looking, right! Seriously your girls are gorgeous and I can tell Devon is already a heartbreaker! :) It's weird cause I havent seen them in such a long time I always think of Morgan as that adorable little 3 yr old who sang Mulan songs to me! But then I see your blog and I'm shocked! I'm glad we can keep in touch through the blogging world! :)

Oh, and I love the nice touch of wearing the beret for Nicole's report! too Cute!

anniegrams said...

Proud Grams signing in to say-

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

Jolene said...

Julie - I think I will do a post sometime about the m&ms. Because this person has other ocd problems that are pretty funny.

Sarinah - The park is in Las Sendas. A long time ago it was a walk through the desert that had statues here and there of famous Arizonans. Now that there are houses everywhere - the statues are spread throughout the development. This particular statue is in the park right by the elementary school - my brother lives there and we met there for a family kick ball game!

Salena - It is so hard for me to believe that you were the same age as my kids when you used to come babysit for me and now you are all grown up!

DeAnn - Amen!