Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Month Off


I have started so many posts in the last four weeks. I have 8 semi-finished posts in draft form. They all suck. This post will probably suck too - but too bad. Lots happened in January that kept my mind off of my blog, a new calling, sickness, taking care of my mom and recently realizing that I put apostrophes in totally inappropriate places.

January was exciting. Devon and Courtney turned 14. They have yet to attend a Saturday night dance. Probably because they are afraid I am going to follow them and embarrass them in front of their friends. I will be really tempted. I will want to see if they are keeping the only rule I gave them - that they only dance with each other. They think I'm weird.

I have a new calling as the Primary Chorister. I think I mentioned it a while ago. It is going well. I really like it. I received no instruction or materials from anyone so I am just going about it in my own way. We learned "I Lived in Heaven" in January. I am teaching "How Firm a Foundation" in February - not easy to teach to three year olds.

We have taken the motorcycles out a few times lately. The desert is so pretty and green right now. The weather is amazing - I even got a little sunburned on my nose last Saturday watching Devon and Alan ride at a new track in our area. This time of year we are all about the motorcycles and camping and being out side. Come July and August every year we discuss selling our motorcycles and trailer because they aren't getting used. We suffer from short term weather memory.

I am making plans to go to Women's Conference again this year. I can't wait. I am such a nicer, better, happier person when I get home.

I just read something very disturbing today on the internets. You know how at the beginning of the season on The Bachelor (you know you watch it) they kept showing a clip of DeAnna coming and telling Jason that she made a mistake and should have picked him? Well, it was all set up by the producers as a teaser for this season. She doesn't really come back. She has a boyfriend. They were just tricking us to make sure we watched every week. I feel duped. But I'm still watching. I choose Molly or Melissa.

I've gone back to the gym. Right now it is kicking my rear-end. Every time a teacher gives out instructions I know they are seeing my bad form and correcting me - every time they shout out an option for the elderly or disabled - I know they are really giving it to me. But - I'm going. I will keep going and hopefully get some more of this weight off.

I still haven't completely put my front room back together since moving everything for Christmas. I need a change - I just haven't figured out what yet. I wish I could afford to re-paint and buy new furniture. I'm wishing for a beachy cottage-y look. Painted wood floors, white slip covered furniture and gauzy windy coverings. Maybe I just need a vacation.

Speaking of vacations. Alan and I were this close to booking a trip to France a few weeks ago. We do this every couple of years. Deals are abounding when the weather is questionable. A wonderful family I know in France recently moved just outside of Paris... if we were just a little bit more secure in Alans job - I think we would do it.

Alans employer has had LOTS of lay-offs as of late. We feel so blessed to still have a job. This blasted recession. I hate that everyone is always talking about it.

Last week I made 16 Mothers Day cards for my card group. Number one, I can't believe I made them last week - typically I am still making them the day we meet. Number two, they are so cute I can't even believe I made them. Number three, I think I made up a technique that I used - but I probably saw it in a magazine or on a blog or something - but I like thinking to myself that I am a paper crafting genius.

I read a cute book on Saturday while at the track. It is called the Secret Journal of Bret Colton. It is Courtney's book - very LDS teenager-y but I liked it. I cried a lot. Probably because I love my brothers so much. I never get to see my brothers. Three live here in town - I rarely see them. I think that it has been over year since I have seen two brothers that live out of town.

I kind of hate facebook. It is overwhelming. But I love that I am keeping track of my nieces and nephews on it. My dad was the great connector. I always knew what was going on with my brothers and sisters and their families while he was alive. There is no one to keep us all updated. For a while we had a family blog - but everyone kind of pooped out on that. Maybe facebook can take its place.

Anyway, kids are home from school. We are heading out for a bike ride or walk to the park to enjoy this beautiful 78 degree day.


Lisa said...

Glad your back! I've missed you.

One Sassy Mama said...

Yay! Your back! I loved the update--you have been a busy girl. I can't believe you have 14 year olds--mostly because that means my 13 year old is almost 14--scary!

Oh--and you are so LUCKY to be the primary chorister. You know that is my favorite calling ever--sure its an aerobic workout for 2 hours--but its still fab!

As for WC 2009--can't wait!

Kelly said...

The weather has been nice! To bad we are all sick here!! Hopefully getting better soon! :) You have had a lot going on! And you only live once, so you should just book those tickets to france!!

Jan said...

Welcome back!
Sunday as Sis. Andrews was teaching RS, we could hear the primary children singing, they sounded so beautiful, Sis. Andrews stopped for a moment as we all listened! I think you've got the best calling in the ward!
I don't always have time to sit and read but, I enjoy little quick reads, I'll have to try out the book you read-I always like a book that can make me cry.
I love this weather too! Not many weeks left of it, we must enjoy it while it's here-infact,I'm on my way out to play racket ball right now-fun, fun.
Hope you have a wonderful day :)

anniegrams said...

I've been missing your posts! Now I can be inspired again!! You know the comment about the beachy look? I know a place that's only 20 minutes from the beach! Come on down! xoxo

Beeswax said...

I need to take a month off the internet and go to the gym. You are a fabulous chorister. Keep it up!

Pam said...

I love the one long blog post whole month summary. That is kind of my style anyway since I rarely post. I agree about Facebook too. It is great about reconnecting but it gives me anxiety just like my blog does. There are just too many people to try to keep up with.
*I am soooo excited about WC too.
*Alan and France and romance...what are you waiting for???
*Beachy decore now your talking. Jon would want to marry you instead. Maybe we should all be planning a beach vacation as well as France and WC.

Heather said...

Glad your back! It is great weather to be outside ridin'! Way to go on getting to the gym, glad you have a fun partner (shannon) that keeps the motivation going. Movivation is what I need.
You are the BEST chorister. You don't need no stinking training! :)