Friday, April 24, 2009

Closing In On 200 Posts

I guess I will finish this post that I started on April 20th. Then I will have to try and do some catch up with pictures.

Our two 8th graders were awarded medals at the Gilbert School District's Academic Awards night for students who have maintained a 3.8 or above all year. Courtney actually ended the year with a cumulative GPA of 4.4 and Devon with a 4.2 - seriously, I have no idea where these smart ones came from.

Easter weekend, my dear BFF - Nic came down from Utah to enjoy the sunshine and a Diamondbacks game (her husband is a superfan). Unfortunately it rained and the D-backs lost BUT we did some awesome shopping and got some of the girls together for lunch. It is always a hoot and a half to be with Nicole, I really want her to move back to AZ.

l to r - Pammie, me, Shannon, Nic and Juliet

Continuing with the randomness - one day my Nicole (the 7 year old) decided to build a podium so that she could play primary. My favorite is that she taped a conducting sheet from FHE and a pen to the hanger so she could mark things off as she went.
She invited all of the neighborhood kids in and before you knew it, they were giving talks, reading scriptures and singing primary songs right in the living room. It was pretty awesome.

Nicole the Primary President


Kelly said...

WOW! You finaly posted! Hope you guys are having a great summer!Have fun with my Mom up @ duck creek. We are not going as usual.. Trav has his fight coming up so he has to train like crazy! Plus we are so vacationed out right now..

Julie said...

oh my goodness, Nicole is so stinkin cute with all of her little ideas.

Lisa said...

Your Nicole is adorable playing primary. What a cutie. How has your summer been? I'm itching to get out of town. It's too hot, even the pool is hot.