Monday, July 23, 2007

I miss my family

Yesterday, as we were eating dinner after church, we realized that the six members of our little family have not all been to church together since June 10th. And we won't be able to again until the first of August. First, it was girls camp - Courtney and I were gone - while we were gone - Morgan and Nicole went to California to stay with their Grandpa and Grandma.

Then we went to our family reunion - we were gone one Sunday - but Devon did not come home with us. He went to California to meet up with Alan's brother Will and have a good time in Santa Barbara. Will is a golf pro at a fancy country club in Santa Barbara and he and his beautiful wife, Michelle, live about a half a block from the beach. So Devon spent that week golfing, surfing and hanging out at the beach. While he was gone - Courtney left to meet up with our friends the Waites. They bought a motor home and have spent the majority of this summer traveling the United States. When they called and wanted Devon and Courtney to meet up with them they were in the Washington DC area. Courtney flew out on Friday the 13th and Devon joined her the following Wednesday. Since they have been there - they have been to Washington DC, Philadelphia, a lot of little Amish towns (Devon loved that), Rhode Island (a day at the beach), New York City, Boston and are now staying in Portland, Maine for a few days. Before they come home - they will go and see Niagara Falls and the Sacred Grove in Palmyra. They are having the time of their lives - but I sure miss them.

Hopefully, Devon and Courtney will be home this weekend - but Alan leaves this Thursday to go to Portland, Oregon to visit (and baptize) his friend Kevin. He will return Tuesday the 31st and then, we will all be together again!! I can't wait.


One Sassy Mama said...

I will be glad when your family gets back too! I can't believe what fanciness you're fam has been up to. But what's wrong with this picture - you get to go to girls camp - but Devon get's to go to Santa Barbra - you get to go on a family reunion - but Coco & Devon get to travel the US in a motor home. You have to shop for groceries but Alan gets to go to Oregon to visit his friend. Do you see where I'm going with this? You need - no - you DESERVE - a girls trip to UT to visit your good old friend Hansen. Renovations are almost complete and it will be good times! Let's plan for September! hehe

Jolene said...

I am ready to make my reservations at Hotel Hansen. I think September is a good idea - it will still be hell hot here but getting nice there. I'm looking for plane tickets right now!!

One Sassy Mama said...

Yay! Do it! Especially if you have to write the primary program! You will have just finished it by then - and you will be ready for some R&R.