Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Vacation Fun

We recently returned from a quasi-family reunion. Alan's dad (Blaine) and his wife (DeAnn) have friends from their previous ward in Henderson, NV who have a cabin in Duck Creek, Ut. Duck Creek is a beautiful little village in the pines on highway 14 between the 89 and the 15 in southern Utah. It is about 30 minutes from Cedar City on one side and an hour from Kanab on our side. It is a real haven for people from the Las Vegas area. This is the 2nd year the Leavitts have let us use their cabin during the week of 4th of July. They call their cabin "Leavitt's Red Roof Inn" - you can't tell by this picture but it really does have a red roof. We spent a lot of time on this front porch. The shed in the rear is where they keep their 4 wheel ATVs - we also kept all of our dirt bikes in there. There is a play ground with swings, a trampoline and jungle gym and all kinds of fun on one side of the cabin and there is a zip line on the other - we had a ball with that.

We arrived Saturday, June 30th - Blaine and DeAnn were already there with Morgan and Nicole (they had flown to California a week previous to have some Grandma and Grandpa time while I was at girl's camp). I just will say right now how thankful I am that Blaine found DeAnn - he is so happy and she is wonderful. I really love her.

Alan's sister Jen and her family (husband Mike, kids Luc, Haylee, Sydnee and Whitnee), his brother Bart (wife Bryn and son Nash) and his brother Matt all arrived on Tuesday and that is when the fun began!! They all brought their motorcycles and the vacation shifted from relaxation to riding, riding, riding. It was so much fun.

Jen and Mike have their own bikes and their two oldest kids have bikes. Bryn brought her sister's dirt bike. Probably my favorite time was when Jen, Bryn and I went out for a girl's ride with no kids. We had a lot of fun going around with all of the kids in tow two - but it was a lot of fun to be able to go fast and not have to keep looking back to make sure no one was falling behind.

We ate well, I read some good books, I napped, I worked on my lesson, I played with my kids, I visited with family, I jumped on the trampoline, I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, I gained more confidence on two wheels, I spent quality time with my husband, I thanked my Heavenly Father for all of my blessings. It was a great get away.
I've been in a funk since we got home - but I expect all will be back to normal soon.

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One Sassy Mama said...

I love the pictures! It looks like so much fun! I wish my or my DH's family would do something like that.
The year we moved to UT - his fam had a big reunion at Disneyland, Sea World and the beach. We missed out on that - since we were in the process of moving. But I was actually kind of glad - to me that's just too many people for a vacation like that.
But I think a cabin in the mtns would be perfectly fun.
Love your 4th picture - it's a cute pic and you are all so festive. You know how festive we were on the fourth - a movie and painting the bedroom. Well - the kids did wear their old navy patriotic tshirts - but I made them take them off when they helped us paint. hehe