Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WFMW - menu list

Most of my friends have made fun of my notebook - the one that tells us what we are going to eat for the next two weeks. I'm a dork - but it works for me.
I do what I call "big shopping" once every two weeks. I hit costco and val-demart and sometimes a grocery store or two if they are having a good sale on something that val-demart will not price match.
The key comes in making a very good list and in order to make a good list - I figure out what we will eat for dinner for the next two weeks. Each kid gets to choose one meal for the list - this avoids the "you NEVER make what I like" argument - it also takes some pressure off of me, thats 4 less meals I have to think up.
If I am using a recipe from a cook book - I will make note of the book and the page number right on the notebook next to the meal. I will also make note of any occasions that might require a change in eating schedules like scout nights, school concerts etc... And then the most important thing is I make note of one night where my DH and I will be going out and the kids can fend for themselves.
So, like I said - I'm pretty sure I'm a dork - but it works for me!

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One Sassy Mama said...

I do not think you are a dork for your menu list. I actually do a one week menu list because it seemed like everytime I went grocery shopping - I'd forget one or two things. You know everytime I walk into a store - even if it's just for one or two things - I end up spending 20$ or 30$. Maybe I should try the 2 week thing - it just seems so overwhelming. Also - my kids always eat the snacks the first 3 days after I shop - so it would take some creative hiding in the pantry.
Love your idea! And "val-demart" was cracking me up - I haven't heard that one yet.