Monday, September 24, 2007

How to scare a 6 year old

Nicole has been going through some kind of separation anxiety. She is six years old - it's not like we've never left her before.

A couple of weeks ago she started crying before school - she didn't want to go anymore. I couldn't figure out why - I still haven't but she is going everyday. The crying then started at dinner in anticipation for the next day of school. Now, I know she is doing well in school - she has lots of friends, her teacher is always praising her smarts and she is working ahead of the other 1st graders in her class. It has got to be something else.

We worked through the school issue, then came the primary tears. She did not want to separate from me after sacrament meeting to go to primary. She says she misses me too much when she is in class. I am in the primary presidency now so I am within sight of her for the largest portion of her primary experience. I can't figure this one out.

But now the nightmares have started. She tries to get in bed with me a couple of times a week. We have never had kids in bed with us past the nursing stage. She knows she will not be allowed to get in but she comes to get me and tells me she has a bad dream. I walk her back to her room and stay with her until she falls back to sleep, if it is especially traumatic - we will say a little prayer.

So last night at dinner Nicole asks us if we have flood insurance. ???Wha..??? She tells us she saw a commercial about it and she has been very worried about it ever since. She said, "That's why I can't sleep mommy, I've been laying awake at night wondering if you are ever going to buy flood insurance. And what if there is a flood at school or at church - what will we do?" I've never seen this commercial - but apparently is enough to strike fear of flood in a six year old.


One Sassy Mama said...

Jo - poor Nicole! It's a good thing she doesn't live with me - or she would've experienced a flood firsthand - hehe.
Isn't it amazing what kids pick up on? She is your little Noah. Just you wait, she will start gathering her toys two by two to prepare for the flood. Just tell her you live in the desert - that ought to help.
DH asked me the other day if I thought we should buy earthquake insurance. We deliberated about it for awhile (still not sure what he decided on.) I guess it's a good thing my kids didn't overhear - I'd hate to cause undue stress.

Pam said...

That is so tramatic. Now we can't even let the kids watch commercials. I hope your sleepless nights are over now that you have had the "flood" talk.