Monday, September 17, 2007

Slave to Target

I don't try to hide it. I'm kind of proud of it in fact. I know how to find the bargains at Target. I search the back end caps in every department to look for the clearance items and I go straight to the clearance racks in the clothing. There are good deals to be had.

Case in point. Today I took my mom from her house in the middle of nowhere to Fountain Hills to do some banking. Her bank is in the parking lot of a strip mall that has a Target. She needed a few things and of course I suggested we go to my favorite store. My mom is not a shopper - she hates it - she had a list and she was sticking to it. She only needed three things, a clothes rack, a lamp and some band aids - but I convinced her to let me walk quickly through the children's clothing.

SCORE!! I picked up a journal, 8 shirts (2 for each kid) and one pair of Sunday pants for Devon and spent all of $26.01 total. I don't even know what the tax rate is in Fountain Hils - I just know that they had lots of clearance. You can bet your sweet bippy that I will be visiting that famous Fountain Hills Target again!!

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One Sassy Mama said...

You know I have a testimony of the deals at Target. But, the most magical Target of all is the one in San Diego at Hotel Circle. The only people who shop there are vacationers - and they aren't looking for home decor. I got Aussie a glorious quilt for his room - it was 65$ at the AZ Target. At the hotel circle Target = a mere $20 - that included a sham, sheets, quilt and bedskirt. I also got a shelf for Vannie's room for $3.74 -normally $20. The only problem - is you have to haul it home - DH wasn't too happy about that. I love the deals at Super T!