Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What Jolene Wants

I heard of a really fun game that you can play with Google. You type in your first name and then wants. So I typed in Jolene wants - and true to Google form it brought up 450,000 entries that have those two words together. I didn't think there would be so many - Jolene is not a super popular name (I could never find a key chain or a pencil with my name on it) but after doing this little exercise I have found out something I never knew... Jolene is a very popular name in romance novels.

My name - Jolene - is a combination of my dad's name (Joe) and my mom's name (Carlene). Contrary to popular belief I was not named after the Dolly Parton song of the same name - although, if I said it was - I could pull off being a lot younger than I really am. I think that song came out sometime in the early seventies so that would work out great for me. It was not an easy name to grow up with - not just because of Dolly Parton - but because it rhymes with so many other words. Of course I am dating myself again but when I was in elementary school there was a very famous football player with the Pittsburgh Steelers who was called Mean Joe Green. See where I am going here.

Anyway, back to the Google game. If anyone is still wondering what to get me for Christmas - according to Google - this is what I want: (you have to try this with your own name)

Jolene wants to fight more

Jolene wants to walk in to a bar - one with liquor

Jolene wants to try out for a professional women's basketball team

Jolene wants to keep her word

Jolene wants to know who she is

Jolene wants to pay for her friends lunch

Jolene wants her man back

Jolene wants to take me to the Toledo show on Oct. 29

Jolene wants to give back

Jolene wants to seduce him to spite Rose

Jolene wants none of it

Jolene wants wealthy social elite

Jolene wants me to help her photocopy some stuff

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Kelly said...

Yes! I love it. I'll do it now. But I think Jolene will sound better than Kelly. Kelly is too popular. And Mean Joe Green only dates you if people know when he played.I've no earthly idea.

My favorite is Jolene wants to seduce him in spite of Rose. Makes you want to know more about that Jolene, eh?