Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year in Review

Now is the time for all of the "Best Of" lists etc... I haven't really posted about Christmas (it was great) and I don't really want to put my New Year's Resolutions out there so for my own journaling and for my own posterity I will review the year that was...

January: Devon and Courtney turn 12, Devon is ordained. Courtney and I saw 42nd Street, we got a new niece (cousin) - Whitnee, I started teaching Gospel Doctrine, Morgan went to California on a field trip, Alan's Uncle Glade came to visit and we went to ALOT of basketball games (Devon was on two teams).

February: Will and Michelle came to visit and see the Phoenix Open, more basketball games, I got a speeding ticket on Guadalupe, I got a new great-niece (my niece had a baby - I think that is called a great niece, maybe a grand-niece??) and I attended traffic school.

March: Courtney got braces, I went on the Pioneer Trek as a big sister, we spent Spring Break in Utah, I suffered a freak dehydration side effect and swelled up like a Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon and I got to attend the Young Women's broadcast for the first time with my daughter!

April: Still more basketball games, Courtney's team won the school Battle of the Books competition and the first round of the District championship, we kept the Harms kids for a weekend and we helped organize the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.

May: I went to BYU Women's Conference, Nicole turned 6 (while I was gone), I got a calling to go to camp as a 1st year leader, I fasted for a dear friend who was going through a medical trial, set a personal family record of six birthday parties attended on one Saturday, my two 6th graders graduated from elementary school, celebrated our 14th anniversary and Alan was ordained a High Priest.

June: Devon attended basketball camp then he and Alan went to Scout camp, Alan and I spoke in church on Father's Day, I got a new dryer, I had my birthday, Courtney and I went to girl's camp and while we were gone - Morgan and Nicole flew to California by themselves to visit their grandparents and I started blogging!

July: We celebrated the 4th with our family at Duck Creek, I had my 20 year high school reunion, Alan went to Oregon to visit his friend Kevin, Devon went to Santa Barbara to play golf with his Uncle Will and Devon and Courtney took off on the adventure of a lifetime -they traveled the East Coast in an RV with our friends the Waites.

August: I bawled my eyes out when Devon and Courtney started Jr. High and then again 5 days later when Morgan and Nicole went to school, Nicole donated her hair to Locks of Love, I read the three Stephenie Meyer books in three days and then read them again, we started our food group, I was released from being the Gospel Doctrine teacher and called in to the Primary Presidency, Alan had his birthday, I worked at the cannery, we moved my Mom, Courtney made the volleyball team and I started teaching French at the elementary school again.

September: Morgan turned 11 and had a fun party, we went to lots of volleyball games and missed everyone of Devon's football games, I went to Shadow a Student day at the Jr. High, we met with a member of the Stake Presidency to find out that Alan is being called in to the Bishopric of a ward we are not in - we also find out the ward boundaries are changing and we will be leaving our beloved 2nd ward to go back in to our beloved 1st ward, and Alan's dad comes to watch Alan be put in to bishopric.

October: We took and awesome trip to Southern California and got out of there before all of those fires started, Nicole had dental surgery, we had a fun Halloween party and Nicole went on her first 1st grade field trip.

November: Amazing Race started, Alan conducts Sacrament Meeting for the first time, I got a calling as a RS Teacher in our new ward, I cleaned out our fridge, we went camping with friends, the Douglas Family came for a wonderful Thanksgiving and my brother and his kids are involved in a terrible ATV accident - but come out okay.

December: I almost totally blow off Christmas by not putting tree up until late in the month and then only putting up a portion of our decorations, I don't send Christmas cards for the first time in 13 years, Nicole celebrates the Polar Express at school, we go to some great Christmas parties, and we celebrated a beautiful Christmas together as a family.

Bonne Annee everyone!


Kim Skinner said...

jolene, this is your long lost cousin, kim (post). married to matt?! i have no idea how i landed on your blog but it is good to see your name and it looks like you guys are still living over in santa rita ranch and doing well.
keep in touch!

Jolene said...

Kim - if you come back - let me know how to get in touch! How are you and Matt? I can't wait to hear all of the news!

One Sassy Mama said...

Love the year in review! I was forced to put my Christmas out super-early this year when I had to host the last minute enrichment thing at the end of November. But - because of that I didn't put out everything either - guess it will make it easier for the take down (which still hasn't happened).

Jenny-ology said...

I have done a year in review scrapbook page every year for 5 years which I also copy and send out as my Christmas card. Looking back on each year, it is so fun to see what we were up to and how much the kids have grown.

I'm glad you got your down on paper.
Some of the things you did are familiar and we kind of experienced them at the same time, and so many others are news- it is really fun to catch up with a quick summary like this!