Thursday, January 3, 2008


I now have two teenagers in the house! Today is Devon and Courtney's thirteenth birthday. What a treat as a mother to have two extraordinary children like these. They have always been well behaved, helpful, awesome kids. This picture was taken on their first day of Jr. High (Devon is standing on his tip toes).

It was exciting and at the same time overwhelming when we found out we were going to have twins. We were pretty poor and the thought of two car seats, two cribs two of everything was going to break us. The pregnancy was rough - they were due on February 10th, 1995 and I went in to labor the first time on Thanksgiving day, 1994. My labor was stopped in the hospital with the dreaded magnesium sulfate and then I was sent home with a tributilin pump in my leg. That medicine is terrible - I scratched and shook for the next month or so until I went into labor again on Christmas Eve. This time they stopped my labor with the mag wash and put me on a morphine drip so I could relax and they could get some steroids in there to help the babies develop - and it worked! They were born by c-section around noon on January 3rd, 1995.

Devon weighed in at 5 lbs. 13 oz. and Courtney came in at 5 lbs. 3 oz. - eleven pounds of baby! Between the babies, both placentas and sacks - I lost 42 pounds the day they were born! It is not that much considering I had gained 70! They were both 19 inches long and healthy! Devon spent a little time in the NICU because he swallowed some fluid but we all went home 4 days after they were born!
They have been a blessing ever since. Happy Birthday you two! I am just counting down the days until in typical teenage fashion your Dad and I will no longer have any answers and you will have them all!

P.S. January 3rd is also Festival of Sleep Day. I don't know what that festival is - but I am all over it. I need some sleep.


One Sassy Mama said...

Oh man! If you have teenagers that means I'll have one in 5 months. For some reason when J turned 12 it didn't make me feel all that old - but her turning 13 makes me feel ancient! (Of course - I will be on the wrong side of 30 in a week so maybe that has something to do with it)

Jenny-ology said...

wow, what is with labor and holidays? I was actually thinking of Courtney constantly the last few days and kept intending to call and wish Courtney a happy birthday. Will you pass that along?

Andrea said...

Jolene Hi! I love new blogging buddies and will absolutely put you on my allow list. I'm sure I remember you but must see a picture to confirm my theory.:0) Do you still live in that same ward? I miss many things about it. So happy you found my blog and that I found yours as well. I'll check back often.

Your teenagers sound like they were sent from Heaven. Lucky you!