Thursday, January 24, 2008

What the?

I just found this on my desk.
Youngest sister writes "I am not happy"
Older sibling replies "Have you ever smelled my bum?"
Youngest sister replies "No! You are weerd"(sic)
When I asked older sibling to explain - he said, "I was just trying to make her smile and it worked. She was happy after that."
I blame it all on the bad influence of my older brothers. I fear for my daughters. I know what it is like.


Mike and Ash said...

Yeah, I've met these older brothers...they're pretty shady characters. We all have them to blame for something...protect those girls as long as you can!!! ;)

One Sassy Mama said...

K - that is hilarious!

Kelly said...

heh heh. I love notes like that. In primary yesterday, your youngest said her brother calls her 'unibrow' or 'unicorn' for short. I could see no valid reason for this.

Jolene said...

Ashley - I am sorry to talk about your dad like that. Of all of my older brothers, your dad was the nicest. He never blew in my nose, or passed gas in my face, or burped in my ear. But I can guarantee that all of your other uncles have!

Kelly - Her brother has made her feel so self-conscience about her eyebrows that she wants to pluck them! She is six! My brothers always told me that they hoped my face grew in to my lips. I think when I was about her age I was sure that there was no one on earth with as big of lips as mine.

Jenny-ology said...

this had to be from a brother. Sometimes I just don't get adolescent boys. The other day when Spencer got home from school, I told him to go take a shower since I couldn't stand to be in the same room with him.
Instead, he walked past me as many times as he could flashing me his armpit everytime.