Thursday, January 24, 2008

List of Really Important Things

1. I am happy that this couple won the Amazing Race. They were by far my favorite of the final three. They never bickered or yelled at each other, and even though they never won a leg of the race - they took the million bucks! I am happy for them. I really think the key to winning the race is getting along and not getting too frustrated. It makes me re-think my desire to actually do it. I sometimes think that I am not an easy person to get along with.

2. I did not do so well on my diet this week. I still lost weight but not like the week before. I think I cheated a little almost every day. I was not as committed as I should have been - but this is a new week for me and I am going to do it.

3. I like camping. I have liked it more in the last couple of years since we upgraded our pop-up trailer to our current sweet hook up. We can take all of our dirt bikes in it, everyone has a bed, we can watch movies, get Popsicles out of the freezer and have real meals cooked in our convection oven. But last night while I was trying to stay up to watch Project Runway (no TIVO and it comes on at 11:oo pm here) I flipped to the Travel Channel where I watched a show about some really cool RVs. Some of them were so crazy! I just checked the schedule and it will be on again February 9th. If you want to see some crazy campers.

4. Speaking of Project Runway. I'm glad Victorya is gone but I can't believe Ricky won. I stayed up way past my bed time only to go to bed wondering what the?

5. I saw Juno. I cried my eyes out at the end. I am so moved by the adoption process. Remember that Michael McClean song - From God's Arms to My Arms to Yours? I remember hearing that for the first time as a recently returned missionary and once again bawling my eyes out.

6. I am finally getting my hair done tomorrow afternoon.

7. Mitt Romney has twice as many delegates as the next guy. I like Mitt. I think that I have mentioned here before that he served a mission in France and that his son Tag was in my French mission in the early 90s. That is not necessarily why I am voting for him, nor is the fact that he is LDS, or rich, or Republican or that he has good values, policies and I think he could really make a difference - it is mostly because he is good looking. And he doesn't have an accent. And I think it will be hilarious to see who portrays him on Saturday Night Live.

8. is enough. I used to have a really big crush on Willie Aames. I heart Tommy Bradford.

9. I think if I used all of the time that I waste on blogs on taking online classes - I could totally have had my masters by now.


Jenny-ology said...

For Project Runway, I am so glad Victoria is gone too, and I can't believe Ricky won either. I always record it and watch it on Thurs. mornings- it would be fun to watch together if you are game.

I am also glad that Rachel and TK won the amazing race since they didn't fight and drive me crazy. I can't believe how mean Jen and Nick were to each other, and how mean that Dad was to his daughter- or why she put up with it so long!

One Sassy Mama said...

Jo - love your list of important things! Cute idea! I have given up the amazing race - I'm mad at them. They are to PC for me.
Speaking of PC - hehe - I'm still sad Kit is gone - I liked her. I didn't love Victoria - but I definitly thought she was better then the chubby guy who has already been booted off once. He needs to go! My sis and I have decided the judges must be in love with Ricky - I mean he has stunk it up the entire season. The minute he does anything even remotely decent - they have him win it all. Lame.