Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Day I Was Hoping Would Never Come

Last night we were at an event in a large sports stadium. We had a great time. We were seated in an all you can eat buffet restaurant overlooking the field and yet I stayed completely on my diet. The kids all had fun - we saw some old friends we hadn't seen in a while and my husband got a little bit of business done with the nice company that had supplied us the tickets. The bathrooms at this venue were nice and very well lit.

My hair is not looking so good - I have not had it cut and colored since the end of August. AUGUST! If there were any doubts what color my hair would be if I let it grow out - look to the top of my head.

My diet has me drinking lots of water. LOTS! It is recommended that I drink one hundred ounces a day. That is a lot of water and when you have to drink that much water - you have to pee quite often. By late afternoon/ early evening it is out of control.

Many trips to the well lit restroom last night + grown out roots = the WORST day of my life!
I have GRAY HAIR! There are 5 or 6 gray hairs in my part. I have never seen them before! I have Alan check quite frequently for gray hairs on my head and there have never been any before now! Alan has had gray hair for at least the last 10 years - I thought I was immune. I am pretty sure that as we left last night my boobs sagged a few more inches, I felt my hips creak with arthritis and I had an undeniable desire to call my friends for some bingo!


One Sassy Mama said...

Hey Jo - how bout some Pinochle> You have learned a very important lesson - never let yourself go 4 months without getting a dye job - that is how I will continue to disillusion myself that I am gray hair free. I'm glad you are doing so famously on your fancy pants new diet!

Kelly said...

You can call me for bingo. I started coloring my hair a few months ago. I was actually pleased to get so old (34) without needing the color. My Mom started going gray at 19, and my younger brother is maybe 60-70% gray. Jake was going gray at 22 when we got married. I think our kids might start at puberty.

Don't stress out too much- just be very grateful for the wonders of aesthetic science. Is wonderful in manner of contact lenses.