Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Fat Ladies

Recently my sister and my niece decided to start up a weight loss support group. They asked me to join. I was slightly offended. It is no surprise that I have some weight to lose. That is obvious to any who see me. I just didn't want to be reminded right then. They invited seven other women to join so we would have a total of 10 women (we actually ended up with 11 as one person [me] invited a friend so she wouldn't have to drive out there by herself).

Each week we meet on Wednesday night at my sister's house to be weighed in and to talk about what we are doing (or not doing) to facilitate weight loss. My two daughters that I take with me (because the husband and older kids are all at mutual) call it 'the fat ladies club' and love to come along to sample the low fat treats that people bring. My niece has one of those fancy scales that you weigh in barefoot and it not only tells you your weight but your water content, your BMI, your bone density and something else. It is embarrassingly accurate. Almost everyone in the group is doing a different program. I have started a very strict diet (although I have learned you are not supposed to call it a diet but instead a life change - because diets don't work) that has me eating a lot of protein and vegetables, carbs only at lunch and dinner, and virtually no fat, no sugar, no dairy, no bread and no salt. It is working, not as fast as I had hoped, but the weight is coming off.

I have been hesitant to blog about this because it is just so embarrassing. I regularly read a blog that I love and Cheryl, the writer, has been chronicling her weight loss here and there. I told her she was brave and she encouraged me to get it out there - so I am. I needed to lose almost 70 pounds! When I started getting serious about losing weight on January 11th - I weighed more than I have ever weighed in my life. More than I weighed at any point in any of my pregnancies - even the twins! I have a milestone birthday coming up and I just refuse to be fat - I want to be foxy! I have lost 18 pounds so far, I am averaging about three pounds a week. When you are my size - that is not a lot. I can feel a difference in how I feel and a little difference in how my clothes fit. I still have 51 pounds to go to reach my goal but I have set little goals along the way and I really feel like this program is working for me and I have the motivation to lose it and keep it off.

I never really had a weight problem before. After each of my babies I was able to lose the excess weight and keep it off. But, about 5 years ago, I started gaining weight and losing the control, will or desire to take it off. Maybe it was some kind of mid-life crisis (only I hope this isn't the middle of my life - I intend to live a lot longer than that) or maybe there is some deep psychological reason I gained weight like that but I know that I can't blame it on my thyroid or any other medical issue. My doctor was as surprised as I was at how fast I was gaining weight and did a battery of tests that really turned up nothing.

So there it is - for the world to see! Please don't tell me at church that I am looking good - I will know that you read this and I will be embarrassed. Just a little whistle or the licking your finger and touching your rump with a sizzling sound indicating that you know I am hot will do!


Cheryl said...


What you have done (blogging about this) will indeed give you the motivation to lose the rest of your weight. And even though I "only" have 40 pounds to lose, the number doesn't matter --70 pounds, 20 pounds, 100 pounds... all of it is pounds that are keeping people from living longer, being active, and being happy.

I'm so proud of you for talking about it! It's so dang hard! Especially when it hasn't been a lifetime of obesity --just recent years. I understand why you're embarrassed because I was --I AM --too. But I knew I had to do something; luckily hubby was there to get us going. And when you blog about it, you have more accountability to more people. It's nice knowing others are counting on you and encouraging you along the way, you know?

Hooray for your sister and your niece! HOORAY!! Your "fat ladies club" sounds just like my weight watchers meetings (ooh! And we have that same scale. I love it!). I'm so glad you have support! You can't do it alone. I don't see how anybody can do it alone. I know I can't!

And you've lost 18 pounds already!? What is this, The Biggest Loser?! I can't believe it! I hope you're staying healthy because it's taken me 6 months to lose 32 pounds. So, girl, you better not feel bad that it's going "slow" because you're hitting it out of the park every week! Way to go!!

Kelly said...

I need a fat ladies club. I have very little integrity, apparently. When I exercise it needs to be in public or I lie down on the floor and watch when I get tired. The only diet that ever worked for me was after Sam was born, and I had carried around an extra 25 pounds for months and I was sick of it- my sister and I bet that whoever lost the least weight each week had to make dinner for the other's family. I lost 10 pounds in the first week, eating sandwiches like Jared! Only not all from Subway. It was a miracle.

I have noticed you looking sorta vavavoom. I can't do the licking and rump-touching because it draws attention to my problem area.