Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Real Love Day - A Tribute to My Husband

He pretends like he likes his presents - not matter what they are.
He takes goofy golfing very seriously.
He always wants pie for his birthday - never cake.
He looks good in a new suit.
He let me take his picture next to the magnolias just so I could prove how big they really were.
He taught me how to ride a dirt bike and bought me one so that we could do it together.
He works hard for us so we can have nice things.
He is an amazing dad.
He takes us on great vacations.
He teaches our kids how to be good people because he is such a good person.

He supports me in all of my crazy whims and ideas. He reads his scriptures everyday. He likes me to try new recipes and will eat anything I put in front of him. He lets me heat up my cold hands on his warm skin. He takes me to sushi restaurants even though he hates sushi. He plants flowers in our flower bed every Mother's Day weekend for me. He gets up so quietly in the morning and never turns on lights or makes noise while he gets ready so that I can sleep until the very last minute. He tells me I'm beautiful. He makes me laugh out loud. He wants me to succeed. He cleans our bathroom. He prays for my mom everyday. He thinks I'm funny. He encourages me to have Girls Night Out. He teaches our kids to love their mother. He respects his parents. He writes me poems and makes me homemade cards. He winks at me from the stand every Sunday at church. He notices little things like clean floors, new toenail polish and when I say I like something. He has been my husband for almost 15 years. He loves me. He is my best friend.


Cheryl said...

You have such a cute family! But where are you!? :)

What a sweet tribute to your hubby.

Scribbit said...

You have such a beautiful family--and thanks for your kind comment today, it was so sweet :)

Jenny-ology said...

This is the perfect scrapbook page or theme album. What a nice tribute to your hubby. I totally need to do this!