Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Love Day 2 - My Faith

President Hinckley spoke at a CES fireside in December and said that we should use our blogs, our web pages and the internet in general to teach the gospel and reach out in the world with a message. I am not shy about talking about church or activities in my ward or stake, but I don't know if I have really followed through on the prophet’s desires. I haven't really used this space as a means to bear my testimony, until today.

On this day of love I want to share with my limited readership my love of the gospel of Jesus Christ. My testimony of the restored gospel burns in my chest. I really feel that sometimes I could stand on the rooftops and preach repentance and the mercy of a loving Father in Heaven who hears and answers our prayers. We are his literal sons and daughters and he wants us to be happy and make the most of this time on earth.

I know that His son, Jesus Christ is my Savior. I know that He died for me and that the drops of blood that he shed in the Garden of Gethsemane were because of me. I know that He lives and that He will come again to this earth. Every time I read 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon, I imagine what it will be like when he does come. I imagine what it will feel like to be in his presence - I am sure we will feel love like we have never known before.

I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it was written by prophets who saw our time. It was translated by a prophet - Joseph Smith. I know that Joseph Smith was the one chosen for this work of restoring the Lord's church and bringing forth the Book of Mormon and other revelation that we need. We do need it. We need the wisdom of the scriptures every day.

I know the priesthood is truly the power to act in God's name and that it is restored to the earth. I am so thankful to have the priesthood in my home and to have local priesthood leaders who care for me and my well-being. I know that we have a living prophet on the earth who holds all of the keys of the priesthood.

I have made mistakes and sown some wild oats in my youth. But even when I wasn't always living the standards of the church, my testimony of the gospel was always in my heart. I never doubted that what I had learned from my parents, in church or seminary was true. I never saw for myself the kind of happiness that I now have as a woman of testimony, an endowed wife and mother, a returned missionary and faithful member of the Lord's church. What joy I feel just thinking about the blessing it is to know the truth.

I love being a Mormon. I love going to church. I love the associations I have with members of my ward and stake. I love the programs of the church, Relief Society, Young Womens, Scouts, Primary, Activity Days etc... I love having my testimony strengthened by amazing talks, lessons and activities. I love the feelings of peace the gospel brings. I love when our Sabbath day is a Holy day of worship and prayer. I love Family Home Evening. I love reading the church magazines. I love General Conference. I love special broadcasts and women's conference and education week. I love the hymns. I love the scriptures and all of the wonderful printed material out there to help us. I love having a calling and serving in the church. I love the way my home feels when I know the spirit is here.


Cheryl said...

Amen and Amen! I love all those things, too, and I'll tell you, my testimony is the only thing that gets me through my life. I have no idea what I would do without the Gospel of Christ.

Jenny-ology said...

me too!