Monday, March 10, 2008

Four Things I Have Learned in the Last Few Days

1. Ear infections are painful. No wonder little kids are so grumpy when they have ear infections! They hurt! I was pretty sure I was near death's door, fever raging, head swimming, grumpy with a capital G - went to the Dr. this morning and found out I have an ear infection!

2. There exists in North Scottsdale, a pediatric gynecologist. Who knew there was a need for such a thing? She is the only one in this huge valley and she takes emergency appointments. Nicole (my 6 year old) met the hook that hooks the swing to the chain in a bad place. Lots of blood, late night visit to Phoenix Children's Hospital Urgent Clinic (on Higley and Southern - highly recommend to people in this area, they were great) and then a follow up visit the next day to the kiddie gyno. What could have been a very traumatic ordeal has turned in to funny anecdote as Nicole told everyone at dinner that she was glad that the doctors in both places were women because she "doesn't ever want man hands touching her pee-pee".

3. Laundry does not do itself, dust accumulates quickly, dirty dishes stink when left in sink overnight, hair from the carpet will stick in your toes if not vacuumed and given certain monetary rewards, children will do all of your chores for you and probably do a better job than you would do. Which is such a good thing since there is an enrichment activity scheduled to take place here in my house in the morning.

4. If you want to work at the emissions station for the MVD you must either have at least two teeth missing, artistically styled facial hair, more than one tattoo, an eye patch, disturbing facial piercing, or all of the above. In a place that does not take credit or debit cards (they want cash and even have an ATM on the premises) they employ the scariest people who get in your car and rev the engine. I'll admit to being a little scared of them.


Cheryl said...

Oh, your poor daughter! I'm assuming she's doing fine, but man, that must have been hard --not seeing a gyno, but getting hurt that way! ouch!

And poor you! I'm so sorry you were so sick. Yuck. That's no fun. At all! But I'm glad you're feeling better. You're feeling better, right?

Jenny-ology said...

I am sorry too that you were sick. Being pregnant right now, I have some issues with the simplest things- like I always get the hiccups and I feel horrible if I have to burp. I think things like this are to help mothers have compassion on their children- since we know what it feels like. OhHHH! THAT is why we have to burp babies!
Sorry about Nicole and loved number 3 and I hate all things DMV!

sarinahbrooks said...

OOOH! Man, you've been through the ringer - I hope all gets better! The blocks are fabulous! Wish I could make some - you are ever so crafty!

sarinahbrooks said...
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Jenny-ology said...

to respond to your question about Project Runway- I really wanted Rami to win. I thought his collection was the most middle of the road and certainly the most commercially marketable. I think Christian just won since he was their favorite the whole time. I think Rami's are much more refined and sophisticated.

Jenny-ology said...

What did you think?

Jenifer said...

Ouch is all I can say about your daughters accident. It's good to know there is a special doctor when things like that happen. Glad she is doing better.

I hear you on being sick. I have been sick since January. I finally gave in on Friday and went to the doctor to get some medicine. Ahhh thank goodness for medicine.

Wouldn't it be great if laundry did do itself. Ugghhh I can never stay caught up.

MVD - Troy was just there today. Thank goodness I got to stay home and do laundry :)

Jenifer W.