Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Blogging

I keep forgetting to post about Emma. I loved having the Jane Austen Masterpiece on again! I wasn't able to watch it Easter night but I did the next day and I have watched it again since. I loved Kate Beckinsale in this role. She was beautiful. Did anyone else watch it?

I have also been wanting to post about this upcoming movie. It opens today here in Mesa and looks like something I would really like. Watch the trailer and see what you think.

Today I read a blog post about prom horror stories. There is a give away attached for people who submit their own prom stories - I did comment with a story and even though it is not really a horror story - more of a tragedy I guess - I am going to copy it here with a few additions.

My Junior year prom was great fun. I went with a boy I really liked - my mom made me a beautiful pink dress that I loved. We went to the lake during the day and jet skied and had a picnic - I had the most fabulous tan in our prom pictures. My date wore a pink tuxedo jacket, black pants and pink converse high tops (it was 1986) and it was the best time. This boy now lives in our stake. I see him occasionally - he has twin daughters the same age as my twins - they are good friends. His girls were in my group last year at girl's camp - there was much ribbing about our prom pictures along the lines of "you had huge hair"!

That has happened twice. I actually went to two proms my Junior year. The one with the pink dress was for Mt. View High School - that is where the boy attended. My prom at Mesa High was pretty low key. My mom made me a red dress for that one - she was still finishing it up when my date showed up. We sat there nervously talking (me in my bath robe) while waiting for it to get done. He was a senior and a really good friend. We had a great time but lost contact after High School. My kids attend a Montessori school where kids come from all over the valley to attend. When my oldest daughter was in 2nd grade, she really been wanted to set up a play date with a girl from school, when I was talking to the mom of this girl we figured out that her husband was my prom date. We see each other all of time at school functions now - his wife and I are good friends.

My Senior prom was going to be even more fantastic. My mom and I had taken a trip to Los Angeles during my Spring Break and I got a fabulous Adrienne Vitadinni dress in the garment district. I felt so mature in it - it was black! I never wore black back then. My date was the Student Body President and we were going with the funnest group. The boys had planned a day activity and were keeping it very secret. They just told us to wear good walking shoes (of course I wore by high top Reeboks!) and be ready at 6:00 in the morning. Our parents knew what was going on but wouldn’t tell us.

They came to get us and we headed to the airport. This was 1987 and Southwest Airlines was just growing and moving in to the Phoenix market with incredibly low fares. You could fly round trip to the L.A. area for $29 dollars - sometimes they went on sale for $19. Our dates took us to Disneyland for the day! We couldn’t believe it - we flew over, took a shuttle bus and spent the day at Disneyland. The plan was that we would leave Disneyland at 3:00 to catch a 4:00 flight (no security or anything back then) and be home by 5:00 to start getting ready for dinner and the dance.

Can you see it coming? We missed the 4:00 flight, the next one was at 5:30 - it was full. The next one was 7:00 - two of the couples got on that. The last one was at 10:00 and it was full. We were stuck at the Orange County airport. We were so scared and didn’t know what we were going to do. We had been in contact with our parents the whole time but it was just devastating that we had missed the dance. My dress was not going to get worn. We were three couples - six teenagers - on our own in a strange place. My dad got us a hotel room and paid for it over the phone but he made us swear that the boys would sleep on the floor. Then I guess he got nervous and started driving. About 4:00 in the morning someone was banging on our hotel room door. It was my dad - he came to drive us the 6 hours home to Mesa. He said that he didn’t want us to miss church - we all put on our prom clothes and went to church together that afternoon.

My only prom picture from my Senior year is of me and my date wearing mickey ears in a photo booth at Disneyland. It was not what I thought my Senior Prom would be but it was very memorable!


Rhonda said...

I don't know Jolene, your senior prom still sounds better than mine... BORING, and not memorable in any way, I can't even remember his name!

Cheryl said...

Yay! You just reminded me about Emma. Thank you! I had forgotten to blog about it, and so now I'm going to get to work and get a post up tomorrow.

I love your prom stories --I read them over at Katie's first, though. How memorable!!

One Sassy Mama said...

Jo - too funny! I can't believe you got stranded in CA.

I do remember my prom - I was with a guy from our "gang" and so no romance was really expected on my end (although it's the one that I told you about that liked me--not the singing one the exed one). Anyway - we had this fab dinner at our local teeny tiny golf course where we dined on halibut (two of the girls requested grilled cheese sandwiches cause they didn't like fish--lame! Although I secretly wished I had been eating a GC sandwich).

Anyway - we get to the promenade for the parent part of the dance - and I'm dancing with my dad. He says very thoughtfully, "Do you have any gum? You have fish breath."


Jenny-ology said...

That is terrible about getting stranded. Too bad you didn't stay the whole day at Disneyland! How sad you missed your Senior Prom, but going to D-land is a very cool date.
My prom was extrememly boring.- yeah that's all I got. Boring. We probably went out to eat. Then to the dance. Boring.

Good thing I went to lots of homecomings and other proms at different schools- they were always more fun than my own. (it was probably because of who I was with).

I watched Emma- I am so glad you told me it was on. I loved how she was so wrong all of the time, and she only realized she loved whatshisname when someone else did. It reminds me of Much Ado About Nothing- you have seen it right? If not- you are SOOOOOO at my house to watch it ASAP!

Heather said...

Hi Jolene! Sure you can put us on your link. I have been stalking your blog! :) Love to read your posts!

Heather said...

sorry, me again. I tried to email you but it got sent back? if it's ok I added a link from my blog to yours. We need to get Pam started in the blog world!

Mike and Ash said...

That is a funny story!! haha! I can totally see it happening! Brian and Mel have a blog now!! YAY!!

Kelly said...

You do know that when your kids hear this story, all they will hear is: Prom date...High top us a hotel room....LALALALALALa.