Monday, June 9, 2008

May Top Ten 6 thru 10

6. Last Day of School

Devon and Courtney - 7th grade - Done!
Morgan - 6th grade - Done!
Nicole - 1st grade - Done!

I'm not sure if I am ready to have three kids in Junior High. The elementary school my kids attend is not in our district but the Junior High is. Last year, I had Devon and Courtney registered early and all of the paperwork done - I still haven't registered Morgan. I am in a little bit of denial - I have the paperwork, I just haven't turned it in yet.

7. Alan and I celebrate our 15th anniversary

I am going to be honest here, leading up to this day - I almost had a nervous breakdown. Not because of the anniversary but because we were going on a trip. We made plans to be somewhere else on May 22nd and the days following. Our anniversary fell on the Thursday before Memorial Day and up until Tuesday night, Alan and I were going to San Diego for a few days. Then we decided that we would pack up all of the kids and all go to Utah to visit Alan's family. We told the kids, they were excited - even though they would be missing the last day of school. Wednesday I worked like a mad woman trying to get everything done. Laundry and shopping for things that we would need for the trip and also getting all of my camp preparations done as Courtney and I would be leaving for camp the day after we got back from Utah.

About 2:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday, Alan called from work and I was on the edge! I just didn't think I was going to be able to get it all done, go to mutual that night and still pack every one's suitcases. Wisely, when Alan got home, he told me that he thought we should stay home. I felt so much relief, I can't even describe it. I was so sad that we were not going to Utah - I truly love visiting his family and being with his sister and her family so much - but I was just so glad to have those extra days to get things ready for girl's camp.

So, Alan and I celebrated by sending the kids off to their last day of school, going to the temple and out to lunch at an old nostalgic taco joint where we used to eat when we were newlyweds. We went home and changed and left again before the kids got home from school! We did some shopping, saw a movie and went out for a fabulous dinner. Then the rest of the weekend, I finished all of my handouts for camp goodies, shopped for the last minute necessities (candy), went riding as a family and spent a day with some of my family and packed Courtney and I up for camp.

My friend Shannon, who had her 15th anniversary the day before ours, tagged me to do a post about my wedding day - I will do that later this week.

8. Devon got a long awaited new motorcycle.

That is his, the red one in front. It is bigger than mine (the blue one behind) not as big as it looks as his is on a taller stand and mine is on the ground - but it is big, and fast. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, he has had it out a few times but I haven't seen it.

We have five motorcycles in our garage right now. The small red one in front is the one that all three girls ride. The green one is Devon's old one that we are hoping to get rid of soon unless one of the girls decides to ride it. The large red one in the back belongs to Alan. People sometimes freak out when they find that we are a dirt bike family. Alan seems really buttoned up and quiet - very reserved, conservative and perfectly put together. He is, however, a total motorhead! We have so much fun out in the desert as a family.

9. Nicole loses her two front teeth

That is water running down her chin - she did a lot of rinsing because there was a LOT of blood. This poor girl could not wait to lose her front teeth - for two years she has gone around singing the Christmas song "All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" - she was just sure that she would have a lisp and be able to sing it that way. Her front teeth got a little loose and stayed that way for months, then they started moving straight out - 10 minutes before this picture was taken, she couldn't even close her lips around her teeth - she had true beaver teeth. Her permanent teeth were coming down and wedging the baby ones in even tighter - there was no way they were going to come out on their own. So out came the pliers. Dad was gentle - but there was still a lot of blood.

Her permanent teeth are coming in pretty crazy. She goes to the orthodontist on June 23rd. Our orthodontist drives some pretty fancy cars - there is a new one parked in his place every time we go - I'm pretty sure we have financed at least one of those for him. Just as soon as we get one out of braces, another one starts up!

10. Girl's Camp!

I don't have any pictures - it was busy, it was fun but it was cold! I've never been so cold at girl's camp! I have been to camp 8 of the last 10 years. I LOVE camp! I really loved being with the ward, the past few years I have had a stake calling so it was nice to be with the girls. You are probably not that interested in what went on (but if you want to know about the amazing last night spiritual program, you can read it here) so I will just say that it was nice. Alan came up for "Bishop's Night" - our Bishop couldn't make it so the two counselors came. He had never been, he had been to a lot of scout camps, however! The other day he told me that girl's camp is a pretty special place, I don't know why that meant so much to me, but it made me cry. It IS special, and it was special for me to be there with Courtney - I can't wait until next year when Morgan is there too!
Good Times!


Salena said...

Wow. I cant believe they are in jr high! I was in 9th grade when I started babysitting them! Crazy!
Nicole is way too cute!

Alot of the old youth got together about a month ago, and we were talking about girls camp, with you and sis melendez..and all the good memories. I totally miss it! That's so cool you get to go with your daughters now!

I sent you an invite to your email to view my blog! You should be able to look at my blog if that email address is the one you use here on blogger.

Beeswax said...

The dirt bikes did surprise me a little. My Dad loves em, too. My Mom said she's leaving if he starts with the harleys (he wants one). Can't wait to see you guys on a hog.

Who is your othodontist? Ross needs one, like yesterday.

Jolene said...

Salena Fa - you will not believe how much time I just spent on your blog! So awesome to be in touch again!

Kelly B - our orthodontist is Dr. Glauser. His dad was my ortho. when I was a kid. His office has video games - big ones in the front office and PSPs (?) for the kids to play while they are in the chair - that is the number one reason why my kids like him.

We go to the Power and Brown office (better video games) but there are a bunch of them. His website is
I highly recommend him. And you get a discount if more than one of your kids needs treatment - bonus!