Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. I am excited to pick a winner tomorrow for the Sonic gift card. It's only $10 but with that you can get 10 Route 44 drinks if you only go during Happy Hour. Or you could really splurge one day and get the Island Fire Burger (it is yummy), large onion rings, a couple of corn dogs, a big drink and a shake for dessert. It is not too late to comment on that post. I will pick the winner tomorrow after I come home from the gym - maybe around 11:00 a.m. Pacific time.

2. Speaking of fast food - the In-N-Out that was being built about a mile from my home is open. I think it opened last Saturday but I haven't been yet. I do love me a hamburger animal style and fries. I might go on Thursday or maybe even tomorrow if I can get weighed in early enough to stop there for lunch.

3. Speaking of weighing in - I'm hoping that tomorrow I will hit the official 40 pounds lost mark. I have been hovering for a couple of weeks and I hope these last few days at the gym will push me over. We are half way through the year and I have reached more than half of my goal - I still want to lose 30 more. I know the last pounds are the hardest to lose and I know that I will want to have it all lost before the holidays so I keep chugging along!

4. Speaking of landmark dates - Friday is a big day for me. It is my LAST birthday. I am refusing to celebrate in 2009 so I am going big in 2008. Just kidding - I'm not really going big - I wouldn't even know how to. But I am going to lunch with some friends - so please come join us if you are local. I think we are going to Costa Vida at Val Vista and the 60 around 11:00. I will post more details as they become available. If you are wondering what a girl like me would want for her big day - I really want one of these.

5. Today is the fourth day in a row of temperatures above 110 degrees. That is really not abnormal for this time of year but even if it is normal - it is still really hot. I am re-training my kids to keep the doors closed, to wear sunscreen and bring water wherever we go. Our vacation in a couple of weeks to cooler country can not come soon enough.

6. My suburban is in the shop again today. It needs work done in the rear end. It is going to cost $1300. to fix. The parts won't come in until Friday so we are picking it up tonight and taking it back Thursday night. Alan told me all of this on the phone today and I said "hey! Friday is my birthday! I won't have a car" and he replied, "but you can tell all of your friends that you got a new rear end for your birthday!". So I've got that going for me.


Pam said...

Hey I thought I was supposed to plan your birthday lunch and I read here that you already have one planned. Did I drop the ball on this one or what? You could always have two special days :)
Fixing the car for your birthday that is no fun because somehow it could end up as part of your present and that is never a fun present. Boo to cars that break.
40 lbs. girl I am so impressed. You look great! I wish I could say I've had as much success at the gym as you but that wouldn't be true. I am just rooting you on now. GO JO!
Can't wait for tomorrow's drawing. Good luck to me!:)

Renae Alexander said...

You are so amazing! I agree with Pam, you look incredible. I think I'd like to crash your VIP bday party friday. Anything for Costa Vida and good company. :) It's your 29th, right?
We've had Grandma's van (my car's nickname) in the shop twice this month and Justin's truck in once. I hate taking them in. I always just brace myself for the worst and then $500 doesn't sound so bad. Right?