Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Surprise! I'm doing a Breaking Dawn post!

Friday night, my friend Shannon and I took our daughters to Borders Books to participate in the festivities surrounding the release of the book.

We watched some of the shenanigans and then found a nice quiet place to sit and wait for it to be midnight.

Courtney's other BFF, Rachel showed up with her mom and joined our crew in the corner. We had all gone to the bookstore earlier in the day to pick up wristbands that would allow us to buy the book. We had numbers in the low 100's so we were pretty confident that we would get our book by a decent time and get out of there.
Super excited teenage girls
I was oh so wrong.

Around 11:30 they announced that the 300+ people who had come in to the store before July 25th to reserve a book would be getting their books first.

We watched as the books were wheeled out of the back room at a few minutes before midnight and then sat down to wait for them to start calling out the wrist band numbers. We waited and waited some more.
The nice moms. We are so nice that the pregnant one is sitting on the floor while the other two get footstools.

By 1:00 we were ready to pack it in. We surveyed the proceedings and determined that it would be at least another hour before we were allowed to purchase our books so we did what a SMART person would have done all along and what we wished we would have done an hour earlier.

We went to Wal-Mart. We walked right in, picked up the books and checked out. It took 2.5 minutes from leaving our car to swiping the card.The girls with their books in Wal-Mart (nice photo op in front of the men's restroom)

We were home by 1:15 a.m. Courtney and I read off and on Saturday. We tried not to read on Sunday. I finished the book early yesterday morning.

It was good.

Part of me is just glad the whole thing is over. I'm glad I read them. I have all four books. I may even read them all again at some point. Honestly, I think I lost the will to love them when my daughter and all of her teenage friends started to love them so much.

You have to check out this post Courtney made on her blog. When I told her that I thought that she could do something more appropriate on her Sabbath Day then sit in her room and read, she took pictures of her younger sister as a vampire. She colored her eyes in the appropriate colors etc...


Valerie said...

What great pictures!!

I know what you mean about being happy that it is over. The will she/won't she mystery kept me awake at nights!

Beeswax said...

Look at your FANCY, literary allusion background.

I'm in no hurry for the book. I've got a book by The Devil Wears Prada author to keep me busy for awhile (plus East of Eden, which I put aside halfway through, in favor of aforementioned embarrassing book). I've got 60 calorie orangecicles I can trade for it, instead of cookies, whenever you are ready. Or maybe something in a size Route 44?

Heather said...

What a fun night. Your girls will remember that! I haven't read it yet. I think I will start next week. I am way excited to read it!

Victoria said...

You're so lucky! We went to the Walmart in Lindon Ut. at midnight and there was a line wrapped ALL THE WAY AROUND the stinkin store!!! Fortunately Victoria was so out of it from babysitting all day and then me waking her up to go that she didn't argue when I said *!#$* NO! I'm not waiting. :) We walked right in the next day and bought one to read on the way home. Glad you enjoyed it.

Renae Alexander said...

Sorry, it's me, not Victoria.

Jolene said...

Kelly - You know the way to a girl's heart. Right through the Sonic drive-thru!!!

Pam said...

So now I know...all you Border girls who couldn't wait took all the Walmart copies. They were gone when I went that day. I can't wait to read it too. I just need to actually find the book.
Sounds like the girls had fun though!!!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the fun night and the DC! It really is great to have a friend to do wild and crazy things with! (well as wild and crazy as two mormon carpoolin' mom's can get) You could have mentioned that we offered our stools to Laura :)

Meg said...

I loved the book! I will be posting about our party soon.

Did I mention I loved it?☺

Jenny-ology said...

I still haven't read the last book. I am waiting for a kind friend to loan it to me. I hope it is better than the 2nd and 3rd one.