Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My friend Gina tagged me for this meme. Gina is a great person and an amazing photographer. If you have never checked out her blog you should!

Three JOYS: (I'm skipping the family, faith route - you already know I love them and they bring me more joy than I deserve!)

1. Hearing babies laugh. Nothing is better or more contagious than little tyke laughter.

2. Clean sheets! I love slipping into the bed when the sheets smell like the dryer.

3. Finding a bargain. The thrill of the markdown. My kids are so well trained that when we enter a store in the mall, they walk right to the back where they know the clearance is set up.

Three FEARS:

1. Something traumatic happening to one of my kids and I won't have the where with all to do something like call 911 or apply pressure to the bleeding. I wasn't home when Devon shattered his leg into 17 pieces - I think if I had been (well, he wouldn't have been jumping down the entire flight of stairs if I had been) I would have fainted or maybe just died of heart failure.

2. The world having too much influence on my children. All of this back to school stuff makes my stomach hurt. (And not because I spent almost $150 on school supplies yesterday)

3. Disappointing someone I love.

Three GOALS:

1. Lose 25 more pounds.

2. Do my visiting teaching every month - and do it right.

3. Fix my kids a decent breakfast before school.


1. Scrapbook paper. I hardly ever scrapbook anymore but I can't stop buying the paper!

2. This terrible series of YA fiction books that I am too embarrassed to even say the name of. I am so caught up that when the next one in the series was not available at the library - I went to THREE bookstores to find it.

3. Diet Rite Zero. Zero calories, zero sugar, zero sodium and zero caffeine. I am adding a warning however, if you are thinking of picking some up. There is something in the make up of either the soda or the can that makes it prone to exploding in the fridge. I have to be careful that the cans don't get pushed to the back.

Three RANDOM FACTS: (like you don't already know everything about me)

1. I served a mission in the South of France and I teach French at the elementary school that my kids attend. I have been home more years than I care to admit and my French is pretty elementary at this point.

2. I have a pretty impressive collection of Eiffel Towers chez moi.

3. I love French cheeses - but I prefer Belgian chocolates. Go to a Leonidas (San Tan Mall for locals) and try it out - you will never darken the door of Sees again. Leonidas used to be available only in Europe. I brought a huge box home from France. It was summer time and I was scared that the chocolates wouldn't make it- even in my carry on. The nice owners of the little Leonidas in San Tropez carefully wrapped my jumbo box in plastic and wet newspapers to keep the candy cool. It worked!


Pam said...

What in the heck you have a Breaking Dawn background??? SWEET!
Love your tag comments. You think you know everything about someone and then they throw something else out there :)

Will and Michelle Ridd said...

I didn't know you teach French at the elementary school... you'll have to help me brush up on my French. I took two years in middle school, but I feel like I know more Spanish now than French (and I've never taken Spanish)!

ginaharrop said...

You are so cute, I am glad you did this. I love clean sheets and bargain shopping too...lol. There used to be a great store in Chandler that sold really pricey sheets for really cheap, but it is gone. Even weirder (and I've never even been to France), I have a growing Eiffel collection myself. Thanks for playing along!

Jenny-ology said...

I love Belgian chocolate! I also love these random posts like this. I am still learning all these fun things about you.