Thursday, November 15, 2007

National Clean Out Your Fridge Day - Part One - Before

Today, November 15th, is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day. I have known this day was coming for a couple of weeks and have been looking forward to it. Not really looking forward to it like I really want to do it but more of a something that I have needed to do for about 6 months and I can't think of any more excuses not to do it kind of thing.

So in my ongoing effort to totally humiliate myself - I am announcing right here on this blog that I am sure to have the filthiest fridge in my zip code and possibly beyond. I am posting pictures to prove it.

I need to do some grocery shopping but I refuse to do it until my fridge is clean. You can tell I don't even have any milk. I also don't have a lot of fresh fruits or veggies - please don't judge me.

The one picture of the white shelf - all of those crumbs are from a go-gurt that exploded sometime at the beginning of the summer. At first it was just a sticky mess but I ignored it long enough that it hardened and flaked away leaving bright pink crusties.

The picture where you can witness Alan's Root Beer fascination (it really is his perfect root beer float fascination - but that is another post for another day) that is the shelf where the milk would usually sit. You can tell that it is the milk shelf by all of the crunchy milk residue.

So here it is in all of its glory. I will post the after pictures soon.

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Kelly said...

I think having a clean refrigerator feels like when you go to the dentist. It is humiliating dealing with the comments about not flossing and where your brush has missed, but then when the cleaning is all done it feels great. Too bad I haven't done mine since May, when we left town and babysitters were comng to stay. It looks good!