Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back on the Wagon

I have been off of the blogging wagon for a little while. There have been so many important things happening in the world that I have felt like I didn't really have anything important to say. I've been so moved by so many things going on that I have felt like blogging about birthdays and trips and recipes is so insignificant. But I am back at it.

First a word about the Nielsons. I have known the extended Nielson family since Jr. High. I went to school with Christian's older brother Peter and his sister Alice. Their oldest sister, Debbie, is in my ward now. My younger brother dated their sister Helena. They are an amazing family that has already endured the loss of one sister, Charity, to a brain tumor. My heart goes out to their entire family. I wish I could afford to do more for their recovery, I am keeping all of them in my prayers.
I have read the Nie Nie Dialogues for a while and at times have felt so insecure but have decided that one thing I can do is try to be more like her. I will cherish motherhood moments more. I will let my kids use my good scrapbook things for their projects. I will relish my time with Mr. Ridd. I will make my home a haven for my family and those who come to visit. I will probably not wear red lipstick but I will try harder to be more presentable.

Second, a word about politics. I've never been a John McCain fan - Never - and he's from Arizona - but I am becoming a Sarah Palin fan. The more I hear about what she has done with and for the state of Alaska, the more I like her. I read Scribbit, a motherhood, craft, recipe blog written by Michelle who lives in Alaska. She has shared her insight here and here. I think I like what I see and I think that my Morgan looks a little bit like her.

Another word about politics, if you live in Arizona, check out this website about proposition 102. It has so much information. If you live somewhere else and your state is taking on same sex marriage, I encourage you to read this document put out by my church and join the coalition to preserve the sanctity of marriage.

These are the things that have been occupying my mind and limiting my desire to blog. These things - and my husband's birthday. I have been loathe to post about Alan's day and include his picture because when you see this picture you will undoubtedly see the candles on the cake. If you have been reading my blog for a while or if you know me and know how old I am, you will see the candles on the cake and know that I married a younger man. I am a cradle robber. At our wedding dinner my dad told everyone that I met Alan while I was babysitting him. That is not true. He is my younger brother's best friend and I met him when I had to drive him home because he wasn't old enough to drive. That is a lot different.

Alan hates birthday partys. He never wants me to invite anyone over, he never wants to go out to eat for fear I will have the waiters bring over a cake or something. So we had a quiet dinner at home - creamy chicken piccata pasta and an ice cream cake for dessert. I feel like every year on Alan's birthday I should send his mom flowers to thank her for raising such a good boy that turned in to the incredible man that I married. I couldn't be more thankful to her or FOR him.


One Sassy Mama said...

Yay--you're back--better than ever.

I agree--Palin is making McCain look a whole lot better. I think my most favorite thing about her is that she sold the state jet on Ebay--who couldn't love a gal like that?

I love that you are a cradlerobber...I giggle-snorted about your dad's babysitting comment.

Christine and kids said...

Hey- tell Alan Happy Bday from our family.
Kacee is really missing Courtney, we've got to get them together. We'll have to talk.
Saw your comment on Heather's blog about Knotts. Kurt feels the same way about Disney, but goes for his girls. We should all go to Knotts sometime. We get to go for a family reunion on Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, we love to break traditions in my family.
I'm glad you're back to blogging. We love to see what is going on with our East side friends.

Scribbit said...

I wasn't a McCain fan either, didn't agree with a lot of his ideas but she makes him much more appealing.

Cheryl said...

Interesting that you know the Nielson's so well; I know them --sort of. Okay, not really, but Stephanie's sister is my husband's boss's wife. Does that make sense? The whole situation is so sad and so hopeful all at the same time. Remarkable family.

Love Sarah Palin.

Happy Birthday to your YOUNG husband. :)

Renae said...

I agree about the Nielsons. They are an amazing family that have been through more than anybody should have to endure. Are you going to the benefit concert tomorrow? Alice has some updates on her blog that I appreciate.
She's linked to mine if you want to look.
Love, love love Sarah Palin. McCain I could do without, but now I'm actually excited to vote.

Meg said...

I haven't been able to stop thinking about the Nielsens. What a wonderful family. I hope they are all back together as a family soon.

I have heard great things about Mrs. Palin. I will have to educate myself more on her...I'll go check out your links!

Kate said...

Alan looks so cute with his cake! Tell him happy belated b-day from his cousin!

Erika said...

Great Post! You are so passionate! I love that!

My husband is addicited to politics and I can't keep him off of Fox News. Palin was definately the best decision McCain has made. She is making everyone sweat. All the opposition says it all. You know that all of the opposition means this is a good thing!

Jan said...

Glad to see you back to blogging :)

I'm not a huge McCain fan either, but Palin is making him look pretty good.

Happy Birthday Alan! What a fun wonderful way to celebrate-at home with your loving family :)

Pam said...

I don't understand why Alan wouldn't want to share his special day with all his friends. Is he too good for us? I could be more spiritual and worthy if I try harder. Tell him I will try harder :) I hope it was a good day. The cake looked way yummy!

I too have a great love for Sarah - during her speech I got all misty eyed a few times and then I knew she had me at hello. Not to mention her adorable baby.

So nice to see the blogging world embrace the Nielson cause. They seem like such amazing people. How is Debbie doing?