Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I am a creature of habit

I always sit to Alan's left at dinner. I have a routine for lotioning, deodorizing etc... The toilet paper always comes from the top. We leave our house at the same time every weekday for school, (7:12) and every Sunday for church (11:35). We sit in the same pew every Sunday. I don't do well with change.

That being said (sigh)... things are changing. Our Stake had some boundary changes on Sunday. The nine families that live on my street and the next one over are moving back into the ward we came from. For three years we have been the only families in our ward that come from our section of our subdivision. At the beginning of those three years - we felt it. We were definitely the "other side". But now I feel such a part of that ward that I have shed a lot of tears with thoughts of leaving it. i served in the Young Women's program for over 2 of those years and could not have loved a group of Young Women more. Most recently I have been in primary and really been able to know the families through their sweet children.

Last Tuesday night we were called in to meet with a member of the stake presidency. He gave us a brief over view of the changes that were going to happen and then called Alan to be 1st counselor in the Bishopric of our new ward. It almost didn't even come as a surprise - no one could be better at that than Alan. He is a humble, righteous and kind man. The spirit lives in his shirt pocket - he is always being guided to say and do what is right. He leads our family righteously and sets such a good example of clean living for us. But that was a hard night. After our meeting with Pres. Adams, Alan met with the Bishop and I went to an enrichment activity. Every time I started to look around at the amazing women that I have grown to love so much - I would get teary. I really had to try hard to keep it in. The minute I walked out of Robyn's front door - I broke down and cried all the way home.

My most dear friends are in the ward we will now be attending. I couldn't be more happy to be unifying with them again. I know change is good and should always be accepted in our church - especially in areas of growth like ours. I guess the big question is not how much we will miss our friends in our old ward, or if Alan will stumble at the pulpit but will we be able to sit on our favorite bench.


Kelly said...

Well, we are sure glad to have you back, although I know the switchy-switchy isn't fun. Alan will probably be at church early enough, he will always be able to save your pew.

One Sassy Mama said...

Man - I wish I was still in SR1st to welcome you back! I need details! I'll call you today.

One Sassy Mama said...
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Jennifer said...

I am sad that you and Courtney and Devin are leaving us. Spencer is sad about Devin and Jacob not being in his ward. Jessica and I and all the young women are sad about losing Courtney. and just when I feel like I was getting to know you, we are in different wards.
I am just glad we had the chance to get to know each other at all. All the women that just left our ward are so amazing. I am going to miss you all.
Keep up on my blog, and I will keep up on yours, and that way, we will still be 'talking' to each other.
that is one of my favorite things about blogs!

Pam said...

Jolene do not fear if Alan can't save your seat I will have Jon do it. We want you to feel loved and secure in your family pew(odd word). Sooooo happy to have you back.