Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vacation Report Le Fin

Now that we have been home for more than a week - I need to wrap this thing up. There are so many more important things I need to blog about - like the really good movie we rented last night, the famous people I have seen in my lifetime, and this article I just read about a new kind of breast lift that is outpatient and it puts titanium rods in your chest so they will never sag again.

Our last full day in CA we decided to hit the beach. We thought it would be fun to just go south on the PCH from Laguna until we felt like turning back. Laguna Beach is really just a few minutes from Alan's dads house - and it is a very pretty drive. We only had three quarters for the parking meter so we only stayed at Laguna Beach for 45 minutes. While we were there I couldn't help but imagine the money that is involved in all of the houses just right on the beach there. There were tons of people walking the beach and a lot of boys skim boarding. Devon did the boogie board for a little bit but the rest of us did not go in at all there.

We hit Dana Point, Newport Beach and San Clemente. When we stopped in San Clemente we all decided to get in the water. Lets just be clear here - the outside temperature was about 70 degrees - the water temperature was MUCH colder. Alan went in first - he just went for it followed by Devon. They were having so much fun swimming and playing in the surf that about 15 minutes later - Morgan and I decided to follow them. In that time - Alan and Devon were deciding to get out because the water was getting rougher and rougher and they could feel the undertow changing. But, they didn't want to be party poopers when we were finally going to come out and play. The beach was really sandy - but there was a strip of rocks that you have to gingerly walk over to get to the area where you can still stand in the water and the waves are good sized. Just as Morgan and I made it over the nasty rocks - the rip tide really started. We started to get pummeled. Alan grabbed Morgan and Devon and started heading back - I was pretty sure I could make it back on my own. I am a good swimmer and I have had experience swimming in the ocean and I knew that I just needed to relax with each wave and dive in and swim along to keep from getting pushed down. Now, I know all that, but I could not for the life of me put it into practice. I just held my breath and got thrown around like a rag doll. I couldn't tell what was up or down and I had no idea how I was going to get myself across those rocks. Even though I felt like I was going to die - I was more scared about the fact that my swim shorts kept getting pulled down. I was a mess - Alan came out and helped me but I was bruised and bloodied pretty bad. My swimming suit was so full of sand that I stripped down in the rest room and rode home with just my lava lava wrapped around me and my sweater on top. I took this picture of my knees a couple of days after we got home. My feet and ankles are pretty cut up too. I really need a pedicure but I am afraid to go until all of my owies clear up. But when they do - I am going for the full treatment - I deserve it!


Pam said...

Jo,I'm so glad you came home alive to us. Elvis won't mind rubbing your scabs maybe if you tell him your story he give you extra long massage.

One Sassy Mama said...

Ouch! I am glad you are okay. But I am sad that you didn't get saved by a really hot lifeguard - not to discriminate against Alan or anything - but wouldn't that have been so fab to have David Hasselhoff (okay - so he was probably drunk and couldn't save you if he wanted to) come running into the ocean to save you? You could've added him to the famous people you know list - like fancy Kelly B's (my list is so small - it's not even famous enough to mention).

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you guys had alot of fun on your trip, with the unfortunate exception of your bruising in the ocean episode. That sounds both really scary and painful. Sorry that happened, but the rest of the trip looks like it was fun.
(We ended up getting food poisoning at Disneyland).