Friday, October 19, 2007

Vacation Report Part Deux

Sometimes my computer is so retarded. And other times I am too retarded to run my computer. It took me so long to remember how to get the pictures from my camera to my computer. I don't know why - honestly - I do it all the time, but for some reason (could have been a stroke) I couldn't get it. So that is my excuse for not getting these pictures up and for not commenting on the rest of our trip.

We were supposed to go to Knott's Berry Farm on Monday (we would have seen the Harms there if we had) but Alan and Devon golfed instead. So the girls and I (and DeAnn) went for a downtown L.A. adventure. We rode the subway all around and visited some great places including Olvera Street where we had some so-so Mexican Food. You would think that in an area known as "Little Mexico" the food would have knocked our socks off but it didn't. That day being Columbus Day we had an extra yummy Italian dinner and we ate it in Blaine and DeAnn's backyard.

On Tuesday we made it to Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park. I Heart Knott's Berry Farm! It is all about the rides for us - so this trumps Disney. Disneyland is great for the Experience - but for thrills it is all about the rides. We walked on every ride - never stood in line once and most of the rides - if we wanted to ride again we just told the operator - Hey, we want to ride again! It was great times. They are only open from 10:00 to 5:30 during the month of October because they close and then open again at 7:00 for the scary stuff. But that 7 and a half hours was perfect. We rode every single ride and several of them four or five times and we had a nice leisurely lunch.

As soon as we got home Devon and I started looking on line at some of the biggest and fastest roller coasters in the U.S. We would love to make a trip to the Six Flags in New Jersey to ride the Kingda Ka but that is highly unlikely - So we are hoping to try for Six Flags Magic Mountain in Ventura, CA sometime soon. Maybe in the Spring.


One Sassy Mama said...

How fun! I love the pictures! We have never been to knotsberry farm. It looks like fun. I'm in love with the no-line rides!
PS get your shelfari going - Kelly B has started a craze! I promise I won't judge your trashy novels - hehe (as long as you don't judge mine)

Kelly said...

Um, since when is there a subway in LA? Where have I been? I remember the blue line. Mi clase de Espanol y yo fuimos al Olvera Street todos los anos para field trips. (That's as much as I have left of 5 years of Spanish. Very very sad.) There was good brown sugar candy (can't remember Spanish name for it.) We should have gone to Knotts instead of Disney. I hate lines.