Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Those Pesky Fires

DeAnn sent me some pictures that she took from her neighborhood. The second picture is taken right in front of their house - the other two from the end of her street looking down the canyon. The fires were very close - they were under evacuation. The flames came right up to the fences of her subdivision but no homes were burned. It seemed like the danger was over for them - they were just dealing with the smoke, ash and a few stray hot cinders - but the fire is back on the other side of their canyon. Once again they can see flames from their neighborhood. I just wrote about how beautiful the area they live in is - it is such a shame that it is all black now.

The most amazing thing to me is that their Bishop drove around to all of the ward member's houses to chat with them. DeAnn told me that after he left she just knew they were going to be all right. I guess most of their ward members live in two large subdivisions that are separated by a canyon and a few miles. The flames have come up to the fences in both of those neighborhoods but no homes have burned.

We are keeping them and all of the people that are being affected in our prayers. It was comforting on the news last night to see footage of Qualcom Stadium in San Diego and see the missionaries in the background handing out food etc... Fires are burning in seven Southern California counties - all except one were started naturally, the fire burning there in Orange County was arson. I heard that if they catch the person who started it they will charge him/her with murder.


Kelly said...

Where does your friend live?

Jolene said...

Kelly - DeAnn is actually Alan's step-mom. They live in Lake Forest - which used to be El Toro. I guess there is no El Toro anymore. It is near Irvine.