Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sad, Sad, Sad News

My computer finally gave up the ghost and with $1500 in Suburban repairs this week - I don't know when I will get a new one. So in the mean time I have very limited access to my husband's laptop. What will I do with all of my new found time? Don't know.

I started going to the gym! You can read all about it here at Pam's. She was very nice to not mention how much that class today kicked my trash!

I watched conference over the weekend. It was great - you can read (or listen) all about it here.

I also watched Sense and Sensibility on PBS. I read a review from someone else here. I don't really know this person, I hope she won't be offended by my link.

And if you want to hear about real live pirates - check out Nic's post. I followed those links on her blog to the article about pirates - I hope I won't be travelling on any international cargo ships anytime soon.

I hope to be back soon. I'm sure my posts will automatically improve with a newer, improved computer!


Pam said...

Jo, I can totally empathise(sp) with you on the whole no computer thing. It is no fun without a computer. I just went through it when we moved here and I felt like I was really out of it. And yes there is a lot more free time so do everything that you've been wanting to do because when you get your new computer you may be so in love you won't get off for a few days(not speaking from personal experience of course) :)

One Sassy Mama said...

You are going to have some serious catching up on your google reader - young lady! Ooh - make your DH get you a fancy laptop that you can bring to WC and take notes on = hehe.

Heather said...

We recently experienced this with our own computer. My hubby wouldn't buy us a new one just got a new hard drive?? Oh, well. I too missed my time in front of the computer screen. Go finish some crafts or be inspired by Pams trash to treasures and remodel!! :)

Kelly said...

I've got extra computers...You need to borrow? Sorry about the car. Jake collects computers like he does cars: he likes em old, he likes cheap, he likes to have lots of em. We have 5 computers at the moment and 5 cars. We were getting the old Lexus ready to sell and the AC conked out.