Monday, April 21, 2008

To Do List

fridge (another soda exploded in there!)
den (also referred to as "the junks")
the entire upstairs portion of the house

new suitcase before going on vacation
daughter ready for field trip to California at the end of the week
tires rotated before husband strangles me

Family Home Evening treats
A string for other daughter's viola
blush (one that wont crack and break while traveling - any suggestions?)
shampoo / conditioner for kids

four food group dinners
prizes and tags to go with prizes for Women's Conference friends

Don't Forget:
weigh in
return library books
all four kids to dentist on Wednesday
1/2 day Wednesday for Jr. High kids
no school Friday for elementary
go on band field trip on Thursday
stake youth symphony on Friday and Saturday
tending niece Monday
shop, pack and get ready for Women's Conference!


deana said...

Phew, Jolene! Sounds like you need that vacation to women's conference! Wish I were going this year - have so much fun! Love your blog make-over - someday maybe I'll make mine cute!

Pam said...

Reading this only reminds me how much I need to do. Thanks a lot!
Isn't it amazing how much we do as mothers when we actually write it down. Good luck! Remember, next week it's all about you!!!! :)

One Sassy Mama said...

My goodness-I guess I can stop feeling sorry for myself. Why do we do this to ourselves? Whatever happened to simplifying our lives? Well-at least this week we know it's for a good cause! All for the sake of WC!! 7 days and 20 minutes

Eric and Breanna Graham said...

Wow! I'm worn out just reading your to do list. Can my kids stay little forever? Seems like the older they get the more complicated things become. And yes, my all means copy me! On one condition... I want to see it when you get it done. I love seeing other people's projects.

Jane said...

kelly's sil here. did that family fun magazine ever start coming? have fun at Byu!

Jolene said...

Jane - I LOVE the Family Fun magazine - I am sorry I never told you that. We are constantly doing and making things we find in there. I love your blog - you always have such cute pictures. I was wondering if that plane crash today was anywhere near you live?

Breanna - I used to think it would get easier as the kids got older and it is true that they can all wipe themselves and feed themselves etc... They just have so many activities - I feel like I live in my car sometimes.

Deana - I heard a rumor that you do hair for pictures. When I am skinny and we update our family pictures - I am totally calling you!

P and N - 5 days and we will party!

jt said...

The plane crash was right in back of the lot we are building on. Yikes!

Jenny-ology said...

Jolene, love the bloggy update. Congrats on losing the weight! You are an inspiration. Maybe you can help kick my butt after the baby.

This is a clever way to journal, I like the list. I may have to do this.