Monday, May 17, 2010

{5-17} MofM N is for Nicknames

The other day my Dear Husband asked me why I would want to put so much information about my life out in the world via my blog and facebook.  I have no good answer for that.  I'm pretty sure I like to blog and use facebook because I like to communicate.  I don't think I am getting joy out of putting my business out there - but his comment has really been making me think ...  

While I am thinking, I will tell you that I have had a few nicknames.  Mostly derivatives of my first name - like, Jo Jo and Jolie Bean.  One of my brothers just calls me Bean and some of my other brothers call me Leney.  My kids call me mom - is that a nickname?


Liz said...

You do it so the rest of us can get to know about all your wonderfulness!

Julie said...

ask him why he wouldn't want to put so much info about his life out in the world for all to see.
I swear he and Steve are more alike than they know.