Wednesday, May 19, 2010

{5-19} MofM P is for Phobias

I'm pretty scared of something happening to one of my kids.  (see K post)  I'm not just afraid that one of them will die, I'm afraid they will be maimed or kidnapped or chased home from school by bullies.  I'm afraid of them dating, driving, going on missions and getting married.  I'm afraid I will be a lousy mother-in-law.  I'm afraid they will be bitten by a snake, a spider or a scorpion. I'm afraid they will fall away from the church or decide they don't need our family.  I'm afraid they will have low self esteem or no desire to further their education.  The truth is, God sent them to me so good and perfect and lovely that I am afraid I will mess them up.

And, I'm afraid of walking down stairs and not being able to see my feet.

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Beeswax said...

yes. to all of it.