Monday, May 3, 2010

{5-8} MofM - F is for My Favorite Music

A long time ago, when I didn't have my own ipod, I did a post on what itunes says about me. There were a lot of weird songs on there because we were new to the whole itunes thing and we only had one ipod in the house.  Now we all have ipods and we have learned how to manage the songs that are uploaded.  Welcome to the 21st Century Ridd Family!  It took us long enough!

I just recently (like in the last few months) figured out how to listen to my ipod in the car.  I'm a technical genius!  This discovery however has changed what gets listened to most in the car - it depends on who is in the car with me.  When I am driving Devon or Courtney to school it can vary from Aerosmith to Kanye to the soundtrack from Les Miserables. When I have the elementary school kids in the car they will want to listen to Ke$ha or Inside Out's primary songs.  

When I am by myself I listen to conference talks or Josh Grobin or Michael Buble.  I enjoy what little time I have in the car alone by listening to what I like. 


Kelly said...

I pods in cars are great!! I hate radion commercials.
Happy Mothers Day!

Tiffani said...

Les Mis was a fav in my family growing up! Love that music!

Beeswax said...

Jake hooked up my ipod in the car years ago. It actually doesn't leave the car. And I make the kids listen to what I feel like... they need indoctrination. I mean, what if my parents had let me listen to Duran Duran instead of Simon and Garfunkel? I might have ended up cool, and that would have caused all sorts of problems.

You should think about it. Your kids are too good-lookin' and nice as it is. You should geek em up a little.