Sunday, May 16, 2010

{5-15} MofM L is for the Last Movie you Watched (and a giveaway)

Hmmmm.  The last movie I saw in the theatre was Date Night and I am not even linking to it because I am not recommending it.  Steve Carrel and Tina Fey are so very funny but the movie was not very good.

The last movie I watched was actually today while folding clothes, it was a straight to video one called According to Greta with Hilary Duff. Just that introduction alone should be all you need to know about this one. Courtney had a sleep over Friday night and I took them to the Red Box to get a movie and that is what they ended up with.  Thank goodness they all fell asleep 15 minutes in to it. Alan and I watched it this morning and we were amazed at how bad and predictable it was.  We kept wondering to ourselves why we were still watching it.  

I have got a Sonic gift card right here with your name on it if you can tell me in the comments what my favorite movie is.  


One Sassy Mama said...

I'm going with Aladdin cause I think it was yours and Alan's first date...or something with Harry Connick Jr. in it.

Jenifer said...

I so want the sonic gift card so I'm going to guess... New Moon :)

Julie said...

Julie and hand it over! I'm thirsty!