Monday, May 3, 2010

{5-7} MofM - E is for the Essential Start of My Day

I would like to say that I jump right out of bed and land on my knees.  But then I would be lying and in a post about Prayer I should probably be more truthful than that. I typically go straight to the privy and then grumble a little but then start my day with the most important thing - Prayer. 

I need the inspiration that can only come through prayer.  I need the open communication with my Heavenly Father.  I read a story several years ago about a naturalist and banker who was walking through New Your City's Central Park with some of his colleagues.  Above the sounds of New York City life, he heard the song of a bird.  He stopped and listened.  No one else had heard it.  It really bothered him that they could miss something so beautiful so he pulled a coin from his pocket and let it drop on the sidewalk.  The coin hit with a ring no louder than the bird song yet all of the men in his group stopped to look for the coin.  

It is difficult to separate the sounds of the city traffic from the song of a bird but you can hear it plainly if you train yourself to listen.  That is why prayer is the essential start of my day.  I need help in being able to hear the quiet whisperings of the spirit among the constant noise that is my life.  

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Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing that story!