Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How private should we be?

I have been thinking about how private I should be on this blog. I think I was thinking that it would kind of be like a journal. That at the end of each month I could print out my posts and keep it for my records. If I do that, I will talk about the things that my kids are involved in, their achievements etc... But will I be putting too much out there on the world wide web for predators and identity thieves?

A lot of the blogs I read are very cryptic with their descriptions of their families, not using names and especially not using last names. Other blogs are just right out there, pictures, plans, invitations to birthday parties with addresses and everything. They must not be having problems or they wouldn't continue to do that. I wonder what the chances are of having some random crook come across this very insignificant blog. I just read that there are over 4.5 million blogs on blogspot alone. What are the chances of someone stumbling across mine?

I had wanted to post current pictures for my out of town relatives to see etc... Of course, I haven't even told any of my relatives about this blog yet but when I do... I am just torn, I guess I will have to think about it a little big longer. In the meantime, check out some of my favorite blogs that are really putting it all out there: The Dayley News (from my ward), Jenny-ology (she is in my ward also), Kristy Glass (young mormon mom who is also an actress and model in New York City) Maaike Davis (one of my mission companions, no pictures but really puts her feelings out - people who don't know her will know her after reading her blog).

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SAS said...

Jo - I said the same things to my DH about the sheer number of blogs that are out there that have no problems. And there's more blog websites than just blogspot. So I agree with you about the odds being slim that someone would want to be a troublemaker on our sites. Quite honestly I had never planned to post pic's of my kids/family - because I am a bit paranoid about having any old Jo (present company excluded of course)-see my kids and fam. But I had still planned on using first names. Now, as you know, I'm just using first initials - kind of confusing/boring/whatever - but we all have to keep the peace right?
ALSO-listen to this cute idea that my cute cousin does with her blogs. She prints out her blogs at the end of each month onto fun scrapbooky paper - puts it in a cute binder - and calls it her journal.
Even with my initials-I still might do that idea. Do you know the last time I wrote in my journal was when J was born - 12 long years ago?
Talk to you soon,