Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WFMW - dressing modestly

Pants keep getting lower and long shirts that are cute are hard to find. When the long undershirts first started coming out - they were so expensive that I was always looking for alternatives. For myself and for my girls. We bought the boys/mens "wife-beater" type tank tops and they work okay - the only problem is that they are very poorly made and don't last very long.

Recently I have discovered two web-sites that I love. The first one is Shade. I think these are the original long undershirt. You used to have to buy them at parties in someones home and they were around $20. a piece. Then they started having kiosks in our local malls and even some at Costco. But - this is where the real deal comes in - on their website - they have a clearance section and it is always chock full of bargains. My 10 year old daughter can wear the XS and my 12 year old the S - they also come in my size - which is pretty big. We have stocked up - we all love them. Go to the specials heading and click on clearance - it's awesome!

This second one is new to me. It has the same style shirts and camis at a low price - but it's biggest attraction is it's FREE SHIPPING! I love that! We have tried a few of their cap sleeve t's and they are holding up great.

When I served in YW - we always stressed modesty. Modest is the Hottest!! We followed the guidelines in For the Strength of Youth - no shorts at mutual - when you sit down your skirts and shorts should cover your knees. We adapted the EFY standard of head, shoulders, knees and toes. When you reach up to touch your head - your belly should not show. Your shoulders should be completely covered. The knees covered when you sit and when you bend down and touch your toes - no back should show. Jeffrey R. Holland gave a talk in General Conference a few years ago about the same thing - it was good ammunition - one thing that he said and that really made a difference was that we should not wear shoes to church that you would wear to the beach. No flip - flops at church! As leaders we decided that we would be a good example and remember what "Sunday Best" actually means - no denim, no flip flops, and really trying hard to come as though we were invited in to Heavenly Father's house.

Maybe my Works For Me Wednesday is a little preachy this week. But it really has worked for me!!


One Sassy Mama said...

Jo - you are back to the land of the bloggers yay! I saw your post on my blog - did you see my DH's? He thinks he is so funny - and I didn't even know he looked at my blog anymore.
Anyway - Vic and I got together yesterday and went to Zupas, Rod Works and Tomorrow's Antiques. It was good times - except I couldn't spend any money for reasons you have seen on my blog. I am trying to be on my best behavior since the flood of 07'.
It was fun to see Vic - I think me her and Pammi are going to try and see a movie next week on Thursday - unless things get too crazy w/family stuff for them.
I'm for sure going to check out your fancy websites!
Glad your back bloggin!

One Sassy Mama said...

Hey Jo - your links aren't working for me? What am I doing wrong? I click it and it says "Not FOund" or something like that.
Hope you have fun in St George!

Jolene said...

Nic -
I can't figure out why they won't work - but I put them over to the side under my favorites (Shade undershirts and Modest Tees). I thought I had this all figured out but I really am not that good with technology.