Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm really going to do it!

After a little bit of nudging from my good friend Nicole I have given in and started a blog! In June of 2006 I started a blog for my brothers and sisters and I to have a place to stay in touch - it is found here but we kind of stopped posting several months ago. In the mean time, I have satisfied my secret blog addiction by reading other people's blogs. After I get permission from some of them, I will link them on a sidebar here so you can see where I spend at least 1/2 hour everyday!

Welcome to my circus!!

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SAS said...

Yay Jo Jo! Welcome to the land of blogging. But, C'mon we both know you are spending more time than a measly 1/2 hour a day on you dirty little blog reading secret. I myself spend at least...wait, I plead the 5th, on the grounds that my husband might find out.
Good times!
I am adding your blog to my links - I love your Jo JO's circus title - and the everydayjolene is so Martha Stewart to me.