Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday (WFMW)

I have lurked on a cool blog called Rocks In My Dryer in the past. It is a good one - but I had to start limiting my blog reading - so I stopped. But they have a wonderful thing over there called Works for Me Wednesday where a bunch of women link their blogs on Wednesdays and post about helpful hints. I don't thin that I will link with them - you now have the address if you want to go there yourself. But I think I will continue in the tradition and post a helpful hint on Wednesdays. These are not great hints - let's face it I am not Heloise, or Merry Maids or Martha Stewart - so, if you happen to read one of my Wednesday posts that just seems silly- just know that I have tried everyone of these - and it works for me!

Cleaning products I can't live without:

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - this thing really is magic! One of the most magical things about it is that the kids love to use it. I just rip a piece of it off (like 1/4 of it) and get it wet and hand it to one of the kids and they will go to town on door jambs, light switches, base boards, doors - all of those places that once you see the dirt - you can't look away. We cleaned the plastic on an old motorcycle of one Alan's brothers - and he was surprised to see that his fenders were actually white!!

2. Dawn Power Dissolver - I have a gas stove. The stove is white and the trays and burners are a light grey. The minute I turn the gas on - the burners turn black. Add to that all of the spaghetti sauce, boil overs and spills (I'm a messy cook) and you get a disgusting mess. I used to use steel wool pads - but that is so gross - I hate the mess it makes. And then along came Dawn Power Dissolver. I just spray it all over my stove - or any dirty dish that has baked on crud - and wait fifteen minutes and it all wipes right off. It is great

3. Clean Shower - With our hard water in the Phoenix area - it is impossible to keep the glass in our showers clean. If you get your glass good and clean and then from then on spray Clean Shower after every shower - you will never have to do hard scrubbing on the glass again. I go through a bottle a week - but at Wal-Mart it is maybe $2 a bottle - and I can just Windex my shower stall once a month at is wonderfully clean.

4. Lemme Shine - Speaking of hard water - this will get all of the spots off of your dishes. Unlike the Clean Shower - it is more expensive ($4.50 at Wal-Mart) - but it really works. I put it in the dishwasher when I have a lot of glass in there - that is when the spots are the most noticeable. You don't have to use it in every load - but when you notice a problem with spots or with odor.

So that is it - my first Works for Me Wednesday. Not a lot of information - like I said - I don't clean that much - but let me know if it Works for You!


Sassy Mama said...

Jo - I love your "works for me wednesdays"! Maybe I'll copy you. Although with my thought provoking post of today - maybe I should sponsor a "deep thoughts wednesday" hehe. Have fun at camp!Talk to you soon,

Pam said...

Jo, what a great idea you know I already think you are better than Martha Stewart so these WFMW tips will be the best. Thanks!