Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We Survived

But just barely....

Girl's camp was great fun. I literally got no sleep - maybe 12 - 14 hours in four nights. It was hot and dusty and my allergies were terrible. As always - it was so much work - but so worth it.

It was fun being there with Courtney. I felt like there was a fine line between being her mom and being a camp leader - and I couldn't stay on one side or the other. Sometimes she was so clingy and wanting to be with me that I was pushing her away to go find her friends - and then when she wasn't right with me - I was paranoid and wondering where she was.

We did have a small miracle. A faith building incident for both Courtney and I. She kept getting a bloody nose - I was sure it was due to the dust and allergies and dry conditions in general. She had never had one before so although it was uncharacteristic - I didn't think it was a big deal. On Sunday night, the last night of camp there was a special spiritual program planned, a faith walk centering on the life of Christ. Right before our ward was supposed to leave - her nose started to bleed - bad. I stayed behind with her to wait for it to stop. Well, it didn't stop. It was pouring blood - when she gave me one wad of Kleenex to get another - it poured down her face. After a few minutes I took her to my cabin where the lighting was better. We completely soaked her towel in blood. Soon I realized that I couldn't stop it and went to get help. I found a nurse - she couldn't stop it either and since it had been 20 minutes she said we would have to take her to the Dr. to get it cauterized. The RN left to go get the information and a member of the Priesthood to drive us. While she was gone - Courtney asked me to say a prayer - she said she felt like she needed to be at the Christ night.

I said the prayer. The nurse came back, we stood Courtney up - and the bleeding stopped. It completely stopped. We talked for a minute and decided that we could give the faith walk a try. She made it through the whole program, her testimony strengthened and not a drop of blood. She had a priesthood blessing before she went to bed - and everything is great now. It was amazing to see my daughter's faith and be strengthened by it.

What a blessing to have such wonderful children. And to have a loving Father in Heaven who hears and answers prayers. I feel blesses.

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One Sassy Mama said...

What a great for you and Courtney. I bet she was so glad you were available to her. I find myself being like that with Jordyn - when she's off being a social butterfly - I worry about where she is. And when she's next to me - I worry about why she's not being social. We are the mother of worriers with our kids I guess-hehe.