Monday, November 3, 2008


I have four kids. Only two of them went trick-or-treating. That has seriously cut down my candy consumption this year. I saw plenty of teenagers out doing the deed on Halloween (including a group of teenage girls who dressed up as "unwed mothers" with the pillow in their teeny-tiny tank tops) - why did my kids all of a sudden decide they were too big? Thank goodness for the younger two!

May I present Sarah Palin:

People tell Morgan all of the time that she looks like Sarah Palin, all we did was put her hair up in a clip, amp up the make up a little bit and print out a campaign sticker.

Nicole was a Corpse Bride:

Courtney made Nicole's costume, did her make-up, did her hair and took her outside for a Halloween photo shoot. That definitely is an advantage to having teenagers! I did not spend one red cent on costumes this year!


Shauna said...

Love the costumes! I miss my boys being younger!

city cowgirl said...

Your kids look so cute Jolene!! It was fun to see you guys the other week and finally have you meet Cory!

Heather said...

That is great you didn't spend any $$! Courtney is so cute with Nicole.

One Sassy Mama said...

I am so in love with the costumes...I can't believe what a good Sarah Palin Morgan makes! Too cute.

Pam said...

Awesome costumes! Morgan=Palin...definitely
Courtney=costume designer...totally
Nicole=corpse bride...frightfully adorable