Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Cards 2008

No, I'm not posting one - I will admit to using an old picture on it though. It is one of the wonderful pictures that our dear friends took of our kids this summer. I wanted to do a new family picture this year - but it wasn't in the cards (ha! Christmas cards) for us. Hopefully, next year when I've lost a few more lbs. and maybe have a few more dollars in my pocket.

But, I have a story to tell. Did you all make a free digital scrapbook on Snapfish last week? I got about 15 e-mails telling me to get my cyber booty over there and take advantage of Oprah Winfrey's goodness and I am nothing if not obedient. Courtney went to work arranging and placing pictures of last summer's trip to the cabin for an awesome memory book. She spent a few hours last Saturday getting it together and we paid $4.99 or something ridiculously low for shipping and that was it - the book came on Wednesday and it is all that it was cracked up to be. We love it.

Along with the book came all kinds of generous e-mail offers from Snapfish to do more books, make prints and order our Christmas Cards. The Christmas card offer sounded good - the first 20 cards for $.01 a piece. I typically send out 60-80 cards so I thought I would go for it. Their selection was okay and I put one together, while checking out I put in the e-mailed promo code and went to the grand total. $348.00!!! For 60 cards! That is like SIX DOLLARS a piece! Then they were going to charge $19.99 for shipping! Wha?? They were cute but not that cute.

I promptly went on to Costco's photo page and ordered much cuter cards - a bigger size and quality that I trust for $20.28 for 75. Just to be clear - I get more cards at a savings of over $300.00 and I can pick them all up tomorrow morning at 10:30 ... Hmmm. What would you have done?

Just when I think that I won't renew my Costco card - to save a little extra cash - I fall in love all over again!


Heather said...

I have been searching tonite for Christmas card ideas. I am not coming up with anything! Last year I did Costco too. I may end up there again, they are so cute and inexpensive!
I missed out on the snapfish offer?

Julie said...

Gotta Love Costco!! I had mine done at WalMart last year and they did a good job too. Glad to see you weren't suckered into the online order. And you're good!! Getting them all ordered and in your hands by tomorrow. I am such a procrastinator at Christmas Cards. I wish I could be better but something always comes up. Have a great weekend.