Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What The? or The Case of The Missing Post

I really am trying hard to do this post everyday thing. It is difficult. I couldn't think of anything important to say. I have a read a few good books lately - I might do a review soon. I took the kids to the pediatric dentist today - no cavities! Yeah! Really, nothing exciting.

So I decided to go through the Edit Posts tool and find something that was still a draft and fix it up and post it - there are several in there. Instead, I was trying to be all smug and show one of my children that I really have posted every day so far this month, and then I saw that I did not post on Wednesday, November 5th. Why didn't I? November 4th - Sarah Palin. November 6th - Mayonnaise. I can't think of a single reason that I would have failed so early in the month and not even realized it!

So, this is what I am wondering - do I just give up on the whole every day in November thing? Or go on as if nothing happened and no one noticed? I'm really torn. On the one hand, if I was not posting everyday - maybe the posts would be more interesting. On the other hand, no one called me out on it and I don't like to be a quitter. (except when it comes to the treadmill, I'm totally okay with quitting in the middle of that. Or smoking - I'm okay with people quitting that nasty habit. And maybe really hard college chemistry classes that don't have that much to do with your major anyway - you were just taking it because you wanted a dumb boy to think you were smart - it's okay to quit that stupid class)

What should I do?


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Do what is best for you and makes you happy :) When you are happy I am happy! ♥ Hugs!

One Sassy Mama said...

Ummm...I noticed but I didn't want to make it awkward that you were being so half-asked about the challenge..hehe..just kidding. I think you should proceed as normal...29 posts in a month would be huge for anyone.

city cowgirl said...

You should keep on going! No one is expected to be perfect, even in blog posting.

Lisa said...

No way are you quitting! I am posting every day this month because of you. I thought it was a fun idea but man is it hard. (Seriously, I've wanted to quit a few times myself) Okay,so you missed a day, big deal. Nobody cares about perfection, besides it was during election time you were preoccupied. Now get back in that saddle.

Pam said...

Um...yeah you have to keep posting everyday even though I have post envy cause I can't do it. I love reading all your little tid bits of this and that in your life. Honestly I didn't even know you missed a day because for awhile there I didn't even get to read blogs and then when I finally did everyone had like 5 posts each. It was really like Christmas to me but it took hours for me to get through everyones. So you have to keep it up so I can have Christmas again :)